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March 4, 2010


Subject: "Educate Yourself"
Date: Thu, March 4, 2010 8:48 pm
To: Ken Adachi


Do you remember ME?

I seem to be getting 'redacted' e-mails on the account, recently. Almost ALL of the 1,000 or so messages were sent, by YOU, to my 'spam' account, and then BACK to my 'inbox', just within the last couple of weeks. I just found one of interest, sent out in SEPTEMBER 2009.
I thought I would FORWARD IT to you:

Fw: Contrails Versus ChemtrailsFriday, March 5, 2010 4:21 AM
From: "Montgomery Scott" <>Add sender to ContactsTo: "Doctor
Paul" <>,, "Elizabeth Lillie"
<>, "Lori" <>, "Mark" <>,
"rick" <>, "Ron Paul 62" <>, "Brian Sheehy"
<>, "John Stadtmiller" <>,,, "Jim West"
<>... moreCc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, more'

KENNETH' Adachi kicked me off of his 'blogsite', that used to be called 'EDUCATE YOURSELF', for daring to post this video.

NOW, it seems, he has taken control of 'INFORMATIONLIBERATION'. Well, perhaps it was my arguments against the ROSICRUCIANS that ended up being the 'DELETE' issue with this 'dude'.... NO, MAYBE it was the issues that I saw with a certain internet broadcast radio station, and Kenny's issues with ALEX JONES, and the obvious SPAM that was being posted in HIS blogs... ANYWAY, that was about FIVE MONTHS AGO, and all of a sudden, I am getting these 'emails' which were 'REDACTED' from my in-box...


--- On Mon, 9/14/09, Montgomery Scott <> wrote:

From: Montgomery Scott <>
Subject: Contrails Versus Chemtrails
To:,, "Jim West"
<>, "Joseph M. Procaccini" <>, "Mark
Lillie" <>,, "Scott At TPI" <>,,,
Date: Monday, September 14, 2009, 2:48 AM

Here's a hint: the ones that dissappear rapidly would be CONTRAILS... A video of BOTH, at approximately the same altitude, AND at the same time! Hard to find this stuff to film, but this videographer pulled it off:

One of the posted comments was:

MrEarth2000 (2 weeks ago) Show Hide +1
Marked as spam

Actually it's not hard to manipulate the public with High Altitude Chemicals...I was in a Chem unit in the ARMY and&#65279; you don't want to know what they are spraying up there...just remember this...if you feel very weird from one day to another ...up-down and just sick when you should not be....look up, there is your source well as in the water. They want Zombies and dead people. Easy control.

What a BITCH, huh?



No, I don't remember you. Should I?

Judging from the comments which you're penned here, it appears that you were kicked off the E-Y discusion forum some 5 months ago. And I can't imagine why! You certainly sound like a reasonable, astute, and intelligent fellow to me. Who would not want to read your dignified and insightful commentary each and every day? You must have really wowed them on the forum!

Just so you know, I don't have the time to participate in or even read the Educate Yourself forum. I only go there when I have to remove somebody whom other members of the forum have complained to me about as a disruptive person who wants to create discord, contention or otherwise flaunt my posting rules. Somehow, I have the feeling you may have fallen within those boundaries.

Anyway, concering the statements below, all I can say is this: "You clever fellow! You figured out my hacking techinique to flood your Inbox with 1,000s of messages which your spam folder picked up, BUT I was able to REDIRECT BACK into your Inbox a second time!"

How did you figure it out?

Holy Cow, me and the boys at Langley were popping champagne corks all night after we pulled off that last caper with your Inbox , figuring you would NEVER be able to figure out that it was ME, and now this e-mail!. Whoa, YOU da man!

Just to clarify, it was a COMBINATION of the chemtrail video, the ROSICRUCIANS expose, and the Alex Jones thing that forced my hand. Obviously, I couldn't allow all THREE of these block buster stories to be seen by the public in such a short space of time. That would have blown my cover completely! And the boys at Langley couldn't allow that to happen, so we did "what we had to do" (I'm sure you would have done the same thing if you were in my shoes).

Since you figured it all out, you have my permission to forward this confession to Ron Paul, Steve Quayle, and all of the other people listed above on your c.c. list After all, if you could see through all that heavy smoke, then you deserve the credit! Touche! My friend.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

P.S. And how the heck did you figure out that it was ME who took control of 'INFORMATIONLIBERATION'.? Man, you blow my mind!

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