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Moonies Soliciting Relief Donations for Japan Victims
May 9, 2011

Moonies Soliciting Relief Donations for Japan Victims (May 9, 2011)

Subject: Moonies for Fukushima
Date: Mon, May 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Today I had a young oriental woman come into my office asking for donations to help Japan. I suspected she was with the Unification Church (Moonies) and when I asked her what organization she was representing, she showed me the Unification Church Certificate.

I explained to her that Reverand Moon was a fraud, not God, and will soon be dying as an old man; that his claims of divinity are false and that he leads a cult to control people for wealth and power.

People need to make sure they know whom they are donating to because most of these charities are one penny for the charity and 99 for themselves!

Give wisely.

Keith Howe


Hi Keith,

Very true.

It's deplorable how much money is handed over by gullible and uninformed people to thieving organizations like the American & International Red Cross or the Clinton and Bush 'relief funds' whenever the Illuminati creates an artificial earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane disaster.

The Red Cross had collected over 1.5 BILLION dollars by the end of March to supposedly help the victims of the Japan quake/tsunami, yet had not spent one dime to provide sorely need assitance for shelter, heat, etc for the hundreds of thousands of people victimized in northern Japan (where it's COLD in March). Only local Japanese individuals and Japanese organizations (mostly municipalities) were helpting those victims to obtain shelter, food, bathroom facilites, etc. In all the Japanese news programs that I've seen (sent to us from Japan) covering the reliefs efforts in the aftermath of the tsunami, I did not see or hear even ONE reference to foreign relief effort, such as the Red Cross, in any news coverage about tsunami relief. Yes, I saw articles in early April on the internet of the Red Corss boasting that they had sent so many million to the Japan Red Cross, but that's as far as it went. The victims didn't get squat.

Locally, we knew poeple who were involved in arranging for a Japan relief benefit concert at a local university. We inquired who would get the money, and sure enough, it was the Red Cross. We told the organizers that they were giving the money to an organization that had repeatedly proven itself to be wholesale rip off artists and that giving to local Japanese relief funds, set up locally in the region where the tsunami had hit, would mean the money would actually reach the victims and not go into the pockets of the thieves at the Red Cross.

Of course, they reacted like all uininformed, mainstream-mesmerized pajama people react whenever you tell them something that's not discussed on CNN or Fox News. They look at you like you just told them Santa Claus was really Lucifer with a white pom pom on his hat and a wide black belt. But we did succeed in shaking them out of their complacency and after a couple of them searched on the internet, they told us that they didn't realize that there were so many complaints about the Red Cross keeping the money for themselves. It was a start at least

You will see in the coming months that someone will write up a big expose article on how the Red Cross kept the vast bulk of the Japan donations for themselves, just like they kept most of the money following 9/11. Katrina, and the Haiti engineered earthquake-right along with Clinton, Bush, and all the other Illuminated rip off "relief" organizations.

You did the right thing by telling that girl that Sun Myung Moon and his organization of brain washed muppets define the very word corruption and exploitation.

We need to tell people who are being exploited by these con artists that they're aren't helping anybody ~ except the scam artists who are using them,.

Regards, Ken

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