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The Moon Man and other Idiots
May 15, 2007

Subject: The Moon Man and other Idiots
From: Janet S
Date: Tue, May 15, 2007
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

Once again, you are putting up with a bunch of idiots; you poor guy. Randi, the rubbish magician, is as bad as Arthur C Clark, another boring old fart, always trying to retard the human race with their mechanistic view of life. Or idiots who worship the Moon Man; who wish to turn us into bleary eyed morons singing about Jesus.

What a sad world to live in, if they were the only ones in control .Thank Mother Nature they are not.The more diverse the world is, the more interesting life is.But these people do have their value as they serve as the butt of our jokes.

I hope this is the only Planet that has such Idiots

Love, Janet S


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