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More Revelations From (& About) the Etheric Resistance
April 28, 2010

More Revelations From (& About) the Etheric Resistance (April 28, 2010)

re: Application for the Position of Chinese Spy (April 23, 2010)

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From: Martin T
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Subject: Questions regarding your reply to "Application for the Position of Chinese Spy"

Hi Ken,

I've been an avid reader of your website since 2001 after 911. I started my journey of no-return, delving into the world of "alternative news", "conspiracy", "spiritual matters", whatever people call these subjects to be. I have never written to you until today which I find your reply to Mr Niu very interesting, and since I am currently residing in China I feel compelled to ask you a few questions:

1) Is your answer regarding Etheric Resistance fighter a joke or serious?

If the answer to the 1st question is serious, then:

2) How do the male Chinese psychic assasins' dastardly intents annoy their handlers? And what their dastardly intents are? Can you elaborate? I thought the more dastardly they are the more they fit the job of serving the evil purposes.

3) If the female Chinese psychic assasins are so useless in accomplishing their tasks (they get sexually high whenever the attempt to interfere with your Etheric Resistance fighters, presumably they are mostly charming and handsome guys), why would their handlers still use them?

If this is supposed to be a joke, then please forgive me for being naive and ignore this mail. Otherwise I would really be interested to know.

Best regards,

Martin T


Hello Martin,

No, it's not a joke. The information I relayed from the Etheric Resistance is accurate.

There are a number of people who engage in Etheric Resistance efforts, but there is a small handful of individuals who have uncanny abilities and the information that I mention comes from that source.

It becomes abundantly clear that ALL major governments of the world are WORKING TOGETHER behind the scenes to bring in the New World Order when you get teams of psychic assassins from the United States (military, CIA, DHS, private contractors, etc.), Britain, Israel, Germany, and China, for example, all going after the same Etheric Resistance fighter in an attempt to kill him (or her). They are obviously sharing information and coordinating attack strategies. Of these multinational psychic assassin teams, the Chinese have shown themselves to be the most formidable. The Chinese have not necessarily been successful in their efforts to take out Etheric Resistance team members, but formidable opponents none the less.

Chinese psychic assassins or remote viewers work from their homes in most cases. Most lay in sensory deprivation tanks in their living rooms. When a psychic assassin targets you, they create a unique highway through the Ether from them to you. The Etheric Resistance fighter can instantaneously travel that same highway and manifest in the home of that Chinese person, no matter how remote that location may be. And for the male Chinese psychic assassins at least, that manifestation, unfortunately, is the LAST thing they're going to see. Female Chinese psychics or remote viewers have been spared paying the ultimate price by causing them to experience an orgasm whenever they try to focus their attention on these special Etheric Resistance team members. This, obviously, breaks their concentration and prevents them from doing ANYTHING in the psychic realm and leaves them thinking about other things to pursue with their time. You may be amused to read that one indignant Chinese female psychic recently told our Etheric Resistance fighter that she is INSULTED that he won't kill female psychics; accusing him of being a male chauvinist! (Jesus! Will the insanity of feminism ever subside?).

The Chinese government switched over to females only after they discovered that the females were not being eliminated. One thing you quickly learn about all these NWO players: They possess an UNBELIEVEABLE amount of hubris and false pride in their self-assured belief that they can destroy you. No matter how many times you prove that you can defeat them, they keep coming back for more. The reptilians possess the same mentality. No matter how great the losses they may suffer, they keep coming back as if they were encountering you for the first time and had no knowledge of your abilities. It's amazing to see how arrogant these people are. I'm told that the Russians are far more crafty and cautious in this arena and don't fall into the Fools Rush In category. . They study, measure, and bide their time. In fact,they have one of these top shelf Etheric warriors, a woman, WORKING for THEM.

The ultra secret, black ops divisions of Britain's MI-5 and MI-6 have now lost so many of their psychic assassins, that they have now turned over the "assignment" of taking out the Etheric Resistance team to the Department of Homeland Security and CIA. Unfortunately, the American NWO Robo-Killers are no more adept than the British or German Black magicians - whose ranks have now dwindled considerably.

I'll reiterate something that I've mentioned in my radio interviews with Don Nicoloff whenever this topic comes up. The reason that these special-ability Etheric Resistance fighters have now arrived on the scene is a result of the universal Law of Cause and Effect. Whenever you have an action in one direction (E.g. a negative or destructive, or offensive action, thought or deed), there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction in the other direction (positive, life affirming, or defensive) to balance out the energy. It can be no other way. It's universal law. The NWO Gang has acquired so much power and technology unto themselves, that humanity would have NO chance of overcoming their evil plans for our demise without special help.

Some of that help is showing up as humans with special soul contracts and special abilities, and in some cases, we are getting help from friendly extraterrestrial groups. Every person of good Will on this planet who wants to help stop the NWO can participate in this process by adding their INTENTIONS, ENERGY, LOVE, and PRAYERS to assist those who are ACTIVELY engaged in stopping the NWO. This collective pool of positive-prayer energy-called "boosting"- can make a tremendous difference in accelerating the downfall of the NWO. Please join the effort from the comfort and privacy of your mind-and heart.. Think positive thoughts.

Regards, Ken .

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