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More from the Mayan Jaguars

From Eldan Cruz
November 25, 2009

More from the Mayan Jaguars (Nov. 25, 2009)

Subject: Re: More from the Mayan Jaguars
From: "Iqui Balam" <>
Date: Wed, November 25, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Brother Ken,


We emanate from the Mayan Lands of Central America. Our contact has been initiated, we will speak to you also during dreamtime, we will bring you healing and sharing, so that you may send our words to whomever you see fit for them. We are currently engaged in a difficult struggle against the dark lords that long ago enabled those you call the Illuminati and their masters to bring their hells upon Earth. We will take not a single step back in this struggle, as we are committed to banish the dark from our lands at once and for all.

We will meet them, Ken, as we are, few or many, we will meet them in battle nonetheless, and we will break them.

We will win this battle and put an end to this war, with a great many lessons learned for sweet beautiful Earth and humankind.

With that said, Ken, we also need to remember that there are no saviours here! It is exactly because each one of us is a warrior that we will succeed, and those who do not learn in time to hold on their own, those who believe that somehow they will be carried on by others, and those who think that they can sit comfortably at home, watch TV and that everything will be fine, well, they are sadly mistaken, for they are the pasture where the Illuminati and their masters will feed upon in their final battle against humankind.

And so it is that we are guided to send this message of strength and unity to you, my brother, so that you can spread it as best as you can, so that our brothers and sisters choose to join us in this uprising against the darkness and oblivion that has plagued our lands for too long.

Stand up! Stop complaining about Illuminatis doing this or that! Get rid of that foolish fear!

Get out of your comfortable chair and engage Earth out there, connect with her frequency, and join our ranks!

Stop living to somehow hope that somehow something will make someone else hopefully aware of our dire situation and somehow make everything better, as such is the thoughtform of fear disguised as inaction. Join the action!

Indeed, cast all hope aside, and arise in your power.

Understand us when we say that you do not need to 'hope' anymore. You don't need to 'hope' good things will happen simply because you will make them happen by forcing them into the reality matrix. You 'hope' when you wish that something desirable happens that it is not in your power to manifest. And that is a problem. Once you accept the responsibility for the power you are part of, you do not need to 'hope', you simply create and manifest your reality.

What is the big deal with the reality matrix anyway? We have read about our brother James Casbolt being persecuted for displaying the methods used by a faction of these dark lords for abusing the reality matrix. And we would wish to ask these foolish dark lords, do you by chance think yours is the only way to abuse the reality matrix? It is not!

And do you think we have not seen this before? Do you think the reality matrix is such a thing that can be abused in the way you do it without simultaneously creating a proper reaction to it? You forget that we also touch this reality matrix, and that we have seen it abused in the past, and that we have taken care of this, just as we are taking care of it at this present moment.

Be forewarned: those trained by the extraterrestrials for this abuse are already perishing, along with their Illuminati gophers, especially their freemason slaves, and will begin to perish further in greater numbers in one or two years. None of them shall live after 2018-25 period, for they will all be terminated.

The reason? A very simple one: we have reviewed the methods you use as exposed by our brother James Casbolt, and we have found that you are simply manipullating the reality matrix through Merkaba Holographic Intent, a rather crude and wasteful way that was also used in the past.

Know this: a soulgroup intervention force started working since 1999 in the cleansing of the many reality matrixes that surrounded Earth at the time, uniting them into a proper structure that supported Earth's evolution, and clearing them away from the Armaggedon scenarios that you had been carefully planting until then.

Dozens of Apocaliptic groups were discovered, all of them composed of 144,000 individuals who intended the destruction of Earth.

This was a failsafe mechanism, to construct many of these groups at once, all for the same purpose, to intend the destruction of Earth.

Alas, they have all been taken out of action, and dispersed, so you don't have these groups anymore!

As for the soulgroup intervention force that accomplished this, well, their work was exponential: every year that went by they were ten times more powerful than the year before, and ten years have passed since then. This soulgroup is now far more powerful than any darkgroup upon Earth, and has banished already many of them into the sun for recasting. You may think of them as 'Special Forces', as they are indeed masters in what they do.

Furthermore, they are overseeing the use of the reality matrix, and have planted a proper reaction to the abuse of the reality matrix by those who use the Merkaba Holographic Intent, which is why we are warning you once again: those who abuse the reality matrix for personal purposes and against the evolutionary principals that support Earth will perish soon.

A vacune against them has been placed in the reality matrix, if you wish to see it this way.

As for brother James Casbolt, he has come to our attention, and we cannot help but to feel admired at his strenght and determination, to awaken from such an unlikable place and extreme conditions is simply something this side of the universe has not seen in a long spacetime! Our consciousness has been extended to this warrior, and he walks in our embrace. What is more, the Earth is aware of him, and that alone protects him far more than anything else around him.

So there you have a reason why the Illuminati Plans of World Dominion have not been working well as of late: They have been manipulated!

And it makes us laugh to see the great manipulators being manipulated in the very same way they manipulate everything, and there's a lesson for all of you in it: As you measure, you shall be measured!

Certain aspects of their plans remain in place only for the purpose of karmic release, to close once and for all this type of interaction in the years to come. In the meantime, we are still engaged in combat, and through the reality matrix we are creating our future. And what we are creating is the rising up of humankind like a storm of light that will overpower the dark lords who dare to mess with us, are we not?

Above all, do not let these filthy beasts conquer your inner selves, do not fear them, as they will soon be crossing into non-existence. You see, all extraterrestrial entities who are evil to humans are merely old dying creatures who are running away from being recast into consciousness. They fear feeling the light of truth upon them, and they are willing to do anything to prevent consciousness from reaching them. They have now become soulless, and will have to be taken in pieces to their original source, that they may be cleansed and recast again in a new light.

These are the words of the Jaguar Ancestors of the Mayan People, who once populated the sunken realms you now call Mu, that extended all the way to the lands you now know as Central América, which was a part of their kingdoms. Remember and carry them with you. Call upon us in difficult times and moments of stress, for we will assist you in remembering your true selves, and the fire of our hearts will embrace you in unity and power.

From the Village of Xukpi, Honduras



Return of the Mayan Jaguars ~ A Letter from Honduras (Nov. 24, 2009)

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