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More on the 'End Times Terminal Madness' Guy
(read Part One here)
October 29, 2002

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 Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 7:01 PM
 Subject: drjc & me, plastered on your fence
Ken, a friend told me that she read of my order and your remarks about Dr Chiappalone. I was amazed!  I now assume that whatever is sent to you becomes public property. Taking liberties. And very contrary to what is posted at the beginning of the 'chat room:'  which asks that  posters "refrain from personal attacks or crude language, that  disruptive, provocative or insulting individuals will be removed from  the Forum."  Don't let the door slap you in the butt on your way out,  Ken. kicked out because you can't play by rules you make.

 I thought I'd reply last July, but my response is simple:  You told me everything I needed to know.

Finis,   (Post this with the other)

 Bernard Burry
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To: "Bernard Burry" <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 11:58 PM
Subject: Re: drjc & me, plastered on your fence

 Dear Benard,
You're about 5 months late. I didn't hear a word from you after I replied to your letter. If you were so upset, why didn't you reply at the time before I posted the letter?
 Sorry if you took it the wrong way, but my comments were centered on Chiappalone, not you. My remarks were mild and comparatively polite next to the vitriole that Chiappalone regularly heaps on anyone who dares challenges his version of reality, which is one of the principle reasons I commented as I did. If he were truly the Guiding Light that you apparently see him as, he would neither write in such a demoralizing and mean spirited manner as he does, nor would he lash out with such ferocity at those who would dare question ANYTHING he has to say. I wrote as I did because I wanted to vent my thoughts about this less-than-inspiring individual who possesses a very twisted view of life and people.
Somehow, it strikes you as a great miscarriage of trust and foul behavior when the Editor of responds to letters sent to him with an opinion that isn't in alignment with your own. If you don't like my opinion of Chiappalone, that's OK. You don't have to agree with me, nor do you have to throw darts. If you believe my assessment is in error, then you are free to present your case. I will post it. Do you suppose your enlightened guru would make a similar offer?
And yes Bernard, I will post this exchange and if other readers agree with you about Saint Chiappalone, then I'm sure you will hear from his fans and I will be the recepient of much self righteous rebuke, such as you've sent. But that's OK. It wouldn't bother me in the least and I wouldn't change a word of what I had to say.
I'd still think the guy's a pile of horse manure no matter how many angry letters I received from his admirers. The man is twisted and possesses demented views in my opinion. So, I'll call it as I see it.
For your information, my policy for posting letters is stated clearly on the Contact Us page and I urge readers-up front-to read it before contacting me.
Your turn (if you wish)
Or Saionara.
 Sincerely, Ken

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