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More on the 'End Times' Deception

From Ken Adachi <>
August 11, 2005

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From: healthrestore
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 1:37 AM
Subject: End Times

Ref: British Israel: The Hidden Hand Behind the 'The Kingdom of God on Earth' Deception

What is the correct interpretation and sequence of the events lading to the fulfillment of Gods plan for earth an mankind? Please let me know your opinion or point me in the direction of people who are promoting the truth in this important matter.

Thanking You


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Subject: Re: End Times

Hi Derin,

It would take too much time to address this question properly in an e-mail, but I'll give you a short answer all the same.

For starters, I can't really subscribe to the idea that a sequence of events must occur to somehow "fulfill" God's plan for mankind. That's more of a reflection of the mind set that's being inculcated by the televangelists. The whole point of posting my introductory remarks and the first two chapters of the Helen Peters book is to alert people, especially honest Protestants, that they are being deceived, manipulated, and mislead by shouting televangelists and others who promote the End Times "prophesy".

If you were to ask me what I think is God's plan for humanity, then I would say the purpose of earthly life is to serve as a schoolhouse for acquiring spiritual lessons in our (hopefully) upward progression towards reunification with God. Of course, we always have Free Will and we can spiritually devolve downwards as well, but in general, we re-incarnate into human form to have lifetime experiences that teach us lessons leading to greater spiritual growth. That's putting it in a very generic way, but that's my view of it and I generally concur with eastern metaphysical thought.

The fundamentalist End Times message is designed to work hand and in glove with the political machinations and scripted events engineered by the Illuminati oligarchs to make deluded, unthinking people believe that these events are unfolding NATURALLY or are a result of "the fulfillment of Scripture". Nothing could be farther from the truth. The "sequence" of events that we witness today in the news was SCRIPTED decades ago (and in some areas, centuries ago) and is being set into motion by legions of minions working for the Dark Side. Those minions include the End Times brain washers.

I'm open to the idea that the earth is coming to the end of its current cosmological 'cycle' and is gradually entering the next cycle. I also get the idea that the earth is gradually rising in frequency and will pass into a higher frequency band or "dimension" over the next 15 or 20 years. Some people call it the Fourth dimension and other people call it the Fifth dimension. If you accept the idea that the intangible world of 'thought' or consciousness is itself the fourth dimension, then it seems more logical to call the next higher frequency band the Fifth dimension, but that's just a supposition on my part.

If you look at the ancient Vedic writings or study the words of Sri Yukteswar (1855-1936) who published a book in 1904 called "The Holy Science", you will read that our sun takes 24,000 years to travel around another distant star known its "dual" and that sub-periods known as "yuga" ages transpire within the greater 24,000 year cycle. Our sun is also said to travel around another center known as the "Vishnunabhi" which is considered to be a location in the universe that is the seat of creative power, or universal magnetism, or "Brahma" for Hindu people. The 24,000 year is divided into two halves of 12,000 years each. During one of those 12,000 year periods, we move closer to the center of this creative power and mankind becomes more and more enlightened. This is the part of the cycle that we now find ourselves today, moving towards greater enlightenment. As earth moves into the second 12,000 year sub-period, the earth (and our sun) gradually moves away from this creative center and mankind gradually slips into the more primitive and less enlightened part of the cycle. If you consider that the Great Flood took place about 11, 500 years ago, and that the Great Flood coincided with the sinking of the highly advanced (but eventually corrupt) Atlantean civilization, then it seems that the 12,00 year description of the cyclical events is about right.

Now it happens that this period in earth's history also coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar etc, so it looks like we're in a time frame of earth's evolution that will result in physical changes in our DNA, in our body's molecular makeup, and advancement in our levels of awareness and comprehension, and perhaps some planetary changes, but that doesn't mean that the End Times, Great Tribulation scenario MUST also take place. That's a huge brain washing operation that's being pumped up by Illuminati agents like Pat Robertson or Jerry Fallwell or Benny Hinn to convince unsuspecting Christian devotees that all this bad stuff is somehow "necessary" for a 'fulfillment ' of Scripture and that it must take place so that when "Christ returns in the flesh to rule earth from His throne in Jerusalem", the "Scriptures are "fulfilled" .It's a deception from top to bottom. It is THE Luciferian Deception that scriptures warned people would occur at this time.

The day will come when you will see holographic "visions" of Christ or Buddha etc. in the sky and/or hear their "voices" in your head and millions upon millions of gullible people will think it's the Real Deal rather than the magic of microwaves and holographic beam projectors. The idea is to get you to WILLINGLY give up your national identity, your national sovereignty, your constitution, your personal liberty, and your individuality in the mistaken delusion that you will be assimilated into the One Great Uniting Religion that will be part of a One World Benevolent Government ruled by Christ from Jerusalem!

Give me a break....How gullible can you get?

One last point. While there are many writers who expound upon the deception which I have outlined above, your best source of information-to discern the truth- is YOU. We all have the spark of God within us and we can each determine truth from fiction by listening to that Quiet Voice within. You have much more guidance and assistance that you are aware of. Look INWARD for the truth and TRUST your intuition. It's the voice of God whispering in your ear-ever so softly. You just have to Listen. .

Regards, Ken

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