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Australian Lightning Shows & Singapore Mall Tones
March 18, 2004

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I read your recent posting at

I have several observations around Melbourne to inform you about.. Namely in relation to sound tones.. Catching a train as I often do, certain carriages quite often have an annoying tone.. I haven't measured the frequency or made a complaint, but the noise has been happening for many years... If Idid make a complaint I guess theyd blame a "technical problem" or the like... Maybe I will write an email to them, just in curiosity.

There is other phenomena I've seen locally which Im sure most people would call "paranoid".. I wont go into much detail except to say: "lightning shows" on small and large scales. You may not have heard about the storms we had a few months back, but it was crazy... When i seen the lightning in the distance, i knew it wasnt "real".. It was like a strobe light, and the noise was strange, not like normal thunder. The rain was crazy, earlier that day, I seen several other strange occurences.. A black "silent" helicopter flying around the city... An old WW2 style jet flying around, pretty low...

The other smaller scale lightning show I saw was set up on a football field by a largish group (24 cars or so) I seen them all get out of their cars, and 3 men set up something.. then it began, crazy lightning, closer than I had ever seen. Were they just a Tesla enthusiast group? Bored rich people.? I dont know.. All I know is they weren't hallucinations, The lightning hit the ground and several tree's.. many times..

Of course there are other places Iv heard the commercial sound tones, in gambling venues, shopping malls around the world and here in melbourne etc. etc. AND most interestingly, the church i used to attend.. The tone in the church sounded alot like alpha - theta..

I try to find another train when I hear the tone. If I get a response from the company, Ill let you know what they say. After I contacted the church they said, "o yes, we will try to fix the problem" yet it's still the same (after several complaints.)

In Singapore shopping malls, there are many tones which I noticed, some are hard to hear and I guess most people don't notice them or don't register them consciously.. Probably they are too "busy" with their "work"

Yours sincerely,




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