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More Inquiries About White Powder Gold (Monoatomic Gold)
June 7, 2006

Date:Wed, 31 May 2006
From: Michelle
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: White Powder Gold...?

There is a lot going on on this little number… I have read all the stats on it and it is a great story…

BUT! What do you think? What have you heard, read…anything worthwhile to validate it?

The over tale via Laurence Gardener tells a tale about cover up from way back when… would love to know if anyone has done any ‘study on it?

Love your site, am new to it and am eating up!

Keep up the good work! There are not enough of you to go around everywhere! LOL


PS, I did not see where the fellow has his site up for the electrified blood… that coming? LOVED that one and would like to understand that better too!


Date:Wed, 07 June 2006
From: Ken Adachi
To: Michelle
Subject: White Powder Gold...?

Hi Michelle,

There's an article from David Icke about Sir Lawrence Gardner posted on my site; you might want to read it.

I'm opposed to ingesting mono atomic gold, a substance which Gardner has been speaking glowingly of for the past few years. It's an Illuminati deception on many fronts and I explain my views in this article.

Gardner, being a well known Illuminatus, is said to be a reptilian shape shifter. The negative reptilians, beyond their spiritual retardation, tend to possess a hierarchal mentality. Fear, the lust for power, domination over others, intimidation, dog eat dog, etc., are de riguer for these entities. The reptilians, like the Annunaki of Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicle books, have a thing for gold. I can't help but think that gold plays a role in keeping them locked down as spiritual primitives.

On a purely physical level, ingesting gold in any form, is not a good idea. Gold is one of those metals that serve NO METABOLIC requirement for the human body and is therefore not needed by the body. . The body uses certain metals as part of enzyme molecules, of course, and everyone knows that iron is found in the hemoglobin molecule, etc., but there are many metals that can be harmful to the body such as gold, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc., even in very small amounts .

If you read the books of Dr Hulda Clark, you will learn that gold in the body ENABLES many disease organisms such as salmonella (food poisoning) and PRIONS (mad cow disease) to flourish. No gold = no salmonella or prions!

Something to think about.

Regards, Ken Adachi


# 2.
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006
From: Vickey
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Monotomic Gold

Dear Sir,

I've heard of this substance before. The only thing I'm interested in right now is how can a person obtain this substance and what are it's benefits.


Hi Vickey,

The first thing you should be interested in is to thoroughly reasearch the subject of monoatomic gold before considering its use.

There are only temporary and short term "benefits". There are, however, many long term deficits from using monoatomic gold.

I guess you haven't read the articles on my site about monoatomic gold. I'm opposed to its use and would encourage you to read those articles.

Regards, Ken


Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice (Aug. 15, 2005)

Anna Hayes on Mono Atomic Gold: A Hidden Reptilian Agenda to Undermine DNA Activation

A quote from Ann Hayes found in the above linked article:

" The Guardian Alliance warned me about White Powder Gold in 1998 (before I ever heard of Mono-atomic), saying that the Drakonian Kurendara race of Nibiru (Nephilim-Dracos hybrids) were reintroducing the recipes for White Powder Gold on earth to help digression of human culture and malfunction of human DNA. According to Guardian Alliance, they introduced it as a “quick fix” for spiritual enlightenment, knowing that it would wipe out the integrity of the first 3 DNA strand templates, so humans would no longer be able to hold the natural activation of the higher DNA strands and the levels of consciousness that correspond to them."

David Icke on Monoatomic Gold

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RE: Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice (Aug. 18, 2005)

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