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Morgellons in Australia
December 5, 2011

Morgellons in Australia (Dec. 5, 2011)

Subject: morgellons disease
From: Kate <>
Date: Sun, December 4, 2011
To: Ken ADachi


I am a naturopathic doctor practicing in Melbourne, Australia and I am getting really extreme skin cases. I treat the skin on a regular basis, but I am suspecting morgellons with a few of my severely chronic patients.

I have not been able to find contacts who can recommend where I can send skin samples of these people for testing. I cannot use regualar government controlled pathology units and I refuse to go on to facebook, so I'm really struggling to get any information to help my patients who are really suffering.

Can you possibly link me to a secure pathology testing lab, anywhere in the world?

Thanking you for all your help and guidance



Hello Kate,

Morgellons is a bio-engineered disease that is being dispersed via chemtrails. It seems to more adversely affect people in wasrmer climates versus colder areas. Morgellons symptoms began to show up in the USA around 2005.

It's a very complicated "disease" There is both a non-living "nanobot" component to Morgellons as well as several weaponized organisms embedded within the Morgellons 'soup'. Some of these weaponized organisms are known (such as Lyme) while others are unknown, possibly of extraterrestrial origin.

There is a doctor somewhere in Florida that specialized in Morgellons and he might know of a lab that can confirm Morgellons.

Kind Regards, Ken

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