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Moses & Mind Control
March 2, 2005

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Subject: MOSES/mind control

Greetings Ken-

I'm just curious as to what is to be gleamed from the recent Moses e-mails that were posted? Specifically, how it was that you determine Moses to be an actual victim of government-sponsored mind control, versus a paranoiac? I agree with you that there are probably hundreds of thousands victims of mind control in the U.S. alone, but how exactly can you determine via some e-mails that a person is actually suffering what they believe to be suffering from? I feel as though I have read a large majority of the credible literature on the subject (I especially reccomend books by Colin Ross, Alex Constantine, Gordon Thomas, and Jim Keith, as well as survivors' books such as O'Brien and K. Sullivan), but when I see the e-mails from "Moses" you've made an example of, I'm simply at a loss for how to logically interperate them, spelling errors aside.

I myself am also a university student in the northeastern U.S., and throughout my college career thus far I have found some way to enlighten nearly all of my professors and handfuls of students on the subject of trauma-based and psychotronic forms of mind control. Generally, I am left alone after exposing my views. Teachers are reluctant to further any sort of exchanges with me on the subject. I am not daunted by their lack of interest and/or fear at fighting the "establishment" with such information, however it seems to me that merely reprinting Moses' e-mails as you have done may contribute to the idea that anyone who talks about MK is "crazy." I believe myself to be a victim to some extent, not to the extent of Moses or Cathy O'Brien, but I am at a loss as to how promoting Moses' claims is any help to the cause.

Please forgive me if I sound skeptical or crass. I take this issue very seriously and I highly enjoy your website for promoting Brice and Ted Gunderson's work, and orgone energy as well. I'd just like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Please feel free to use my name and post portions of this e-mail at your discretion.



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