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MS Patient Only Worsened After 10 Years of Orthodoxy,
Now finding Improvement with Alternative Therapies

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From: Janie McDowell
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 12:44 PM
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I would like to subscribe to your free newsletter.  I have visited your website and think it is wonderful that you are making these things known to people.

I have multiple sclerosis.  Was diagnosed Jan 1985.  For almost 10 yrs I followed medical doctors recommendations taking countless Rx meds, including steroids and chemotherapy (cytoxan).  I continued to get worse.  Finally they told me they had done all they could do for me and to go home and rest and call if I got worse.

That's the last time I saw them!  My husband began researching on the Internet.  Eventually in Nov 1994 I had my mercury amalgam dental fillings replaced with composites, had EDTA chelation treatments and have gotten better.  I'm now taking DMSA and Lipoic Acid to further chelate mercury from my brain, as I learned that EDTA does not cross the blood brain barrier.

I have made more progress in the last 7 years than I did in the previous almost 10 years!

This is probably more information than you care to have about me, but I wanted you to know that I fully believe in alternative therapies.

Thank you and God bless you for all your efforts in getting important information out there!

Janie McDowell

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