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Questions About the Mini Silver Terminator (MST)
August 12, 2011

Questions About the Mini Silver Terminator (MST) (Aug. 12, 2011)

Subject: Silver mini zapper
From: Ted
Date: Fri, August 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Sorry in advance for the lengthy email.

I have been reading your website for years. Over the years I have met a number of the people you have featured. Good work! I am considering buying your silver mini zapper in the next few weeks, and I have some questions first.

Hypothetically, would a silver mini zapper be helpful with an upper jaw and skull/scalp infection, with a strong fungal component, in say a dog. (Responds to anti-fungal herbs, but not at all to antibiotics). For example if an incompetent dog-dentist had put a high-speed drill into a small root-tip abscess, causing the infection to spread, and to travel deeper, traveling up to the ear, temple, and scalp, causing tinnitus and all kinds of problems. Would this hypothetical dog be helped with this kind of a zapper, or would one need to research in a different direction? And how would such a zapper be used?

The silver mini zapper seems similar to Don Croft's Terminator. I had one for a long time, but the thing always burnt holes in my skin. I have the scars to prove it. Well, I usually didn't let it get that far, of course. But I could only use it on hand palms and foot soles. I even glued little silver discs over the pennies (with special conductive glue), but that didn't make any difference.

I talked about this at length with Don Croft, and he said "no way". I sent him the Terminator, he tested it, and said it was fine, and should not burn holes in my skin, but it did. He said the burning was from skin acidity and would go away with continued use, but it didn't. I finally threw the thing in the trash as junk.

I don't want the same to happen with your zapper if/when I buy it.

I have been using a Sota zapper (, and that has a variable strength control. A little wheel that turns. That way I can reduce the signal strength, when I use it on more sensitive skin areas (besides palms or soles).


1) Does your zapper have (or can be made with) a variable control, or more than one setting (the orgonize-africa zapper had a weaker signal and did not burn, but I lent it out (gave it to someone else who needed it).

2) Would there be other reasons for your zapper NOT to burn? (For me the silver made no difference.) Maybe I have thin, acidic, or sensitive skin?

3) I still get confused with the Clark and Beck zapper differences. The Sota Instrument one is I believe a "Beck zapper" (current alternates + and -). Does the"positive offset" make yours a "Clark zapper"? I would like to get one that is different from what I have, of course.

4) Would any of the attachments be helpful, like the succor punch or any other you could recommend?

Thank you for your time.



Hello Ted,

Thanks for your interest.

I wrote a long article 6 or 7 years ago outlining the difference between the Beck electrifier and the type of zapper circuit which was originated by Dr. Hulda Clark and is used by Don Croft, myself, and others. Hulda's circuit is properly described as a positive offset, square wave oscillator using a 555 Integrative Circuit (IC) or 'chip'. By adjusting the value of the resistance and capacitance in the timing circuit, you can make a 555 chip oscillate at just about any frequency you want (at least within the operating parameters allowed by the 555 chip itself). Hulda found that a frequency in the range of 30,000 - 33,0000 Hertz (cycles per second) would reach most places in the body and would kill off the widest range of pathogens, so she promoted 30-33 kHz as the best overall frequency choice for general zapping purposes and published her circuit schematic based on that frequency.

Don Croft used to make the 30kHz design as published in Hulda's books and called it the "Terminator". Someone suggested to Don to change the frequency to 15 Hz (which Don did) and then he called it the Terminator II. In both cases, Don's Terminator is the same circuit that Hulda Clark published in her books, but he changed the frequency to 15 Hz. Don added other items to the box in addition to the 555 oscillator circuit board: he added a block of orgonite, as well as a permanent magnet, two different types of crystal beads, a containment coil around the perimeter of the box, and s short mobius coil to the output. These were all his and Craol's ideas and are independent of the oscillator circuit. How much difference the crystals, magnet, and orgonite make, I'm not sure, but I do believe in the virtues of the mobius coil, which is why I've made mine much loner than the one Don Croft uses.

I alone will take exclusive credit for coming up with the idea of using silver discs in place of copper for the electrodes on the Silver Terminator (and later the Mini Silver Terminator) . I already knew from my research with colloidal silver that silver has a special ability to speed up the healing process and logic told me that it would likely not cause the skin irritation that the copper was producing. I was familiar with the subject of chemistry and knew full well that copper chloride was being produced from the electrolysis action from the copper Terminator (combined with skin moisture - sweat) and that this was the reason so many people were getting "burns" with Don's copper electrodes.

I explained all of this to Don Croft at the time, thinking that he would be grateful to me for this insight, but I eventually realized that he actually resented my suggestion about using silver in place of the copper and he went out of his way to disparage my idea whenever the opportunity presented itself (in fact, I came to discover that Don would disparage any idea that I came up with)

As you can see from his reply to you, Don is unaware of the physiological facts surrounding the chemistry of copper against the skin, and will repeat the same mantra to anyone who questions him. According to him, the skin irritation will stop when your skin is no longer "acidic" and it will all go away in 2 or 3 weeks with regular zapping. The only problem with his explanation is that it's both inaccurate and irrelevant. For starters, using a zapper will not magically change your pH from acidic to alkaline (by the way, the skin should be acidic to prevent bacteria growth) and 2) the problem is caused by copper combining with the salt in your sweat and it has nothing to do with acidity or alkalinity of the skin.

The SOTA device is properly called the Beck electrifier. It uses an alternating current (AC) square wave of 3.92 Hz, while the Hulda Clark zapper (my MST) uses a positive pulsing, dircet current (DC) square wave of 15 Hz or 32 kHz. The Beck electrifier is applied via two 3/16 inch diameter electrodes placed under a wrist strap in order to radiate an electro-magnetic field into the arteries of the wrist. The Hulda Clark zapper works by transmission of the pulsing DC into the accupuncture and nervous pathways of the body. Both types of circuits have their own virtues. One is not 'good' and the other is 'bad'; they're just different.

You can apply the MST to an animal to help him fight an infection just like a human. You have to place the electrodes directly on the skin or on the bottom of their paws to get the current to flow. It's easiest to use the copper pipe hand electrodes plugged into the ES jack. You will get better results if you can hold the electrodes close to the area that's infected (but not directly on top of the infection).

I might also remind you that a zapper is not a cure-all. It's a tool that ought to be used in conjuntion with other therapeutic modalities and knowledge of how the body works in order to address disease conditions. The books of Dr. Hulda Clark are an excellent resource for this important knowledge.

To answer your questions:

1) There is no voltage control on the MST, but you don't really need one as you don't feel the "buzz" of the current on your skin. Any voltage of 9 volts or higher will do the job of zapping all pathogens according to Hulda Clark's research.

2) The silver discs ends the skin irriatation for most people. Some people will get a blackening of the skin under one electrode, but it usually doesn't hurt or itch. You can't effectively "glue" on the silver discs, even with a 'conducting' glue. You have to solder them to the pennies underneath in order to get a solid (zero resistance) electrical contact. Gluing on the discs will still produce a high resistance contact and that will add to the 'burning' problem. You also have to use 99.99% pure silver metal discs and not sterling silver or the silver used in coins (which contains nickel and other metal alloys).

3) I already explained the difference with the Beck unit and Hulda Clark's design.

4) I offer the options of adding the External Signal (ES) jack and/or the DC Power Pak wall adapter jack to the MST to allow you the capability of obtaining the DC power from either a wall outlet in your home or from your car's cigarette lighter socket. The ES jack allows you to connect the signal output to either a SP crystal or to a set of hand or feet electrodes for external electrode zapping (which is different from direct body zapping with the silver discs against the skin). Both options are advantageous. The DC jack and ES jack allows you an undiminished current supply and full voltage at all times so that two or three people can zap at the same time using a single MST with separate hand (or feet) electrodes hooked up in parallel. When you take power from the DC jack, the internal battery is cut out of the circuit, and you aren't consuming battery power.

I just recently found out that the MST, applied to the wrist with the same sort of electrode hookup that Beck recommended with his electrifer, can bring similar results that Beck obtained for people with HIV. I just had a guy with a long history of AIDS who used my MST in the described Beck fashion and got a 95% reduction in his HIV viral load (PCR count) after rougly 90 days of using the MST. He was estactic with the results.

I plan to write about it soon.

Regards, Ken

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