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A Couple of Questions About the MST
October 16, 2011

A Couple of Questions About the MST (Oct. 16, 2011)

Subject: Ken, a couple questions about the MST
From: Tony
Date: Wed, October 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hey Ken

I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to email a couple questions I had regarding the MST.

First, I know that you say to get optimal performance that the battery must not dip much below 9V. How far depleted can I allow the battery to get before it loses most of it's effectiveness? I notice that most new 9v batteries read slightly above 9V, but it very quickly will dip below that (after about a couple days worth of battery zapping w/o using the wall adapter). and remain in the 8.xx range for a while. Is the zapper in the 8 volt range still effective for a relatively healthy person?

Also, I have the old Croft Terminator I ordered from you a few years ago along with a SP crystal (in orgonite) which included the connecting cord. Does that old connecting cord fit the new MST I have, so I could use it to power the SP crystal? It seems to fit but I just wanted to make sure.

One more question for you Ken and I appreciate you taking time to answer these for me. I know you say that the Earth magnet in the old Terminator can be counter productive (vs. the scalar effect), so that was why you removed it from the current MST. But for pulsing the SP crystal, does the Earth magnet hamper that aspect as well? And what frequency would you say is better for pulsing the SP? 32kHz or the 15 Hz? Thanks for taking the time to help out with these questions. It is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards, Tony


Hi Tony,

The idea about not going below 9 volts applied mainly to people with big problems like cancer and they were in danger of dying from their disease. Hulda Clark said to keep the battery at 9 volts or higher to be sure you are getting the maximum amount of current since your life depended on killing as many pathogens as you could.

If you are in normal health, the battery could go down to even 5 volts and you are still getting SOME killing action, but the current is much, much lower at that voltage and you are only effectively reaching the areas closest to the MST.

When I wear the MST inside my sock and zap 24/7, I'll let the battery go down to 7.8 volts or so, before I pop in a new one. If I had cancer, I would put in a fresh 9 volt battery every day.

Hulda Clark explains all of this in her books.

2. Yes, you can use the same connecting cable you got from me earlier. I always use 3/32 jacks and plugs for everything I make or modify.

3. The magnet problem only applies when applying the Terminator directly to the body. It swamps out the mobius coil electro-magnetic field APPLIED TO THE BODY. For pulsing the SP crystal, the SP crystal is wound with its own mobius coil and unless you strap the Croft Terminator direectly against the SP crystal, it won't interfere with the scalar field of the crystal.

4. I believe that 15/16Hz is the better choice for the SP crystals or Powerwands since it's about double the earth Schumann frequency of 7.8 Hz.

Best Regards, Ken


Another MST question answered on Oct 10 from James:

Your quetions;

1. Are the mini silver terminators more effective than Don Croft's terminators?

I use the same circuit board as Don does for my 15 Hz MST, but I also offer the 32 kHz MST for those who want to use a higher frequency.

The big difference is my use of pure silver disc in place of the copper discs of Don's Terminator. The silver doesn't irritate your skin while the copper does (for most people). The MST is substantially smaller and lighter in weight than Don's, so you can wear it longer and more comfortably and not really be aware of having it on while doing your usual chores.

I also offer two options which Don's doesn't:

1) The DC jack allows you to plug into a wall outlet or into a car's cigarette lighter to power the MST (saving on battery power) and

2) the ES jack allows you to use hand or foot electrodes, as well as have the ability to use the MST for Homeography, plate zapping, and zappication; all discussed in the books for Dr Hulda Clark.The advantages of learning more about doing Homeography are more profound than most people realize.


Subject: Re: Premium Gifts Questions
From: James
Date: Sun, October 16, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

Thank you for your in-depth response to my questions. I now have a good idea of which orgone generator to start off with. I know you must be very busy, but would you mind if I ask questions from time to time? I have one thing to ask regarding the silver terminator zapper. Can they actually lower the viral load of a hepatitis patient? Thank you and hope you have a great week.

Best Regards,



Hi James,

If you read Hulda Clark's books, you will learn that any disease is curable. All disease conditions are dependent on two things: Parasites and pollutants which enable those parasites to grow in the body.

Daily zapping with a positive offset zapper (the MST) will reduce a very wide spectrum of pathogens in the body, including viruses.

I can't predict in advance whether the MST will reduce a Hep C viral load until you try it, but it probably will. You need to do other things at the same time, though. Hulda Clark offers many ideas in her books. I found that if one takes 1 oz of colloidal silver every hour for 8 continuous hours and do that for 21 continuous days, in additon to daily zapping and taking other supplements to boost the immun system, Hep C usually goes down dramatically.

People with Hep C have a weakened liver so you have to do things to make the liver stonger. You could learn about PLATE ZAPPING the liver specifically, using the 32 kHz MST, by reading Hulda's books. You avoid foods and drink that hurt the liver. You take herbs and supplements that strengthen the liver. You take steps to detox the liver and allow it to work better, including a liver flush, also explained by Hulda's books.

Here are three of Hulda Clark's books available free online. LOts of info here on fighting Hep C:

The Cure for All Diseases (pdf) (1995)

The Cure for All Advanced Cancers (1999) (you have to sign up for free to download)

The Cure for All Cancers (1993)

Regards, Ken


Questions About the Mini Silver Terminator (MST) (Aug. 12, 2011)

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