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Really I'm just musing...
September 6, 2011

Really I'm just musing...(Sep. 6, 2011)

Subject: Really I'm just musing...
From: Francine
Date: Mon, September 5, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

It's pretty scary, the idea of these chemtrails. But how do you differentiate purposeful spraying, from toxic airplane exhaust, and respiratory
problems from the bad environment anyway? But an even bigger question, is why aren't smaller animals, like our pets, sick or dying too?

Now, I do have my own ideas, and I'm sure the illuminati is real, but I have no idea what their purpose, intent, or actual power or technology is. I believe they are badly misunderstood, simply because they are mysterious and therefore they are blamed for everything. Even when my friend's neighbor's child has behavior issues.

(Hey for all we know they could be sitting back somewhere laughing at all the credit we give them!)

Personally I am not fond of blaming others for my problems, but you have to wonder sometimes what kinds of ways power can corrupt.

In fact, what I am afraid of, is rich powerful sociopaths. You know what a sociopath is right? Someone who doesn't have empathy, sees people like "things". Give someone like that, money and power, yikes!

Thanks for listening to my musings.
Francine [pseudonym]

(I don't mind if you want to share my post but please leave out my name!)

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