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The Mysterious Text

[Editor's Note: I have no idea who sent this or whether any of it is true or not. I publish it in the interest of 'interest' alone. ...Ken]
May 30, 2007

The Mysterious Text (May 30, 2007)

Subject: The Mysterious Text
From: Mystery Sender
Date: Wed, May 30, 2007
To: Editor

As I continue my studies, I am reminded of some rather mysterious things that I have encountered over the past fifty years. I am including one such item, that you may choose to publish or not. If you decide to publish it, please do not mention either my name or email address. For if true, it might generate a response on some level. This then is the story:

The Mysterious Text

Around 1980, the late Dr. Charles Arthur Muses told me a story about a mysterious text that had been found in India in the late 1800's. The problem is that no matter what I have tried to confirm or disprove this story, I have found nothing about the event. I had forgotten about the story until recently when I found three news items of interest. One was that after the Greeks set up their own government of Egypt in Alexandria, they ordered that all papyri throughout all of the temples in Egypt were to be sent to Alexandria to be compiled and studied. Another item was that there was
a time period in which the Knights Templars and the Ismaeliya "Assasins" were in close contact and apparently shared information about the various surviving fragments of lore from Ancient Greece and Egypt. And then there was an item on a history channel television show about the formation of the EEF in England in the 1880's, that any Egyptian archaeological information was to be reviewed as to whether or not it confirmed the Christian message. If such information was found, it was to be routed to one group of scholars to be distributed immediately. Otherwise, the information was automatically catalogued as being of "low priority" and could be made available whenever anyone of the appropriate committee felt that it would be

This, then, is the story that was told me.

In Mumbai (formely Bombay), there exists a small community of Indian Ismaeliya called the Bohra. The Ismaeliya are themselves Shia believers who believe the line of Imams from the Prophet consists of Seven, hence they are referred to as "Seveners" as compared to the Shia of Iran, who are referred to as "Twelvers" and that the last Imam entered a period of "occultation"/hiddenness from which after many hundreds of years, he will emerge and establish the True Shia line throughout the world. Needless to say, serious conflicts have arisen between the Seveners and the Twelvers.

Sometime in the late 1800's, a Western scholar found a copied text in the Mumbai Bohra community that was apparently concerned with the creation of the Universe from an extremely ancient perspective, very possibly from Egypt. The scholar took the text and translated and then decided to publish the text and its translation. Work continued until the effort was almost complete. Then, the writer sent an offprint copy of the first chapter to a scholar in London. Later, that man claimed the chapter had never been received.

What happened next was that the printing house and all of its contents were burned and destroyed. And anyone and everyone who had the slightest contact with the mysterious text and translated were murdered or disappeared.

Dr, Muses claimed that from his own research, he had been able to prove that the text was concerned about the auto-generation of the God of this Multiverse but little more. I asked him questions but he deferred those questions to a future time when he said he would publish his conclusions.

He has since passed away without writing this. In his book "Chronotopology" he repeated this story and retold the Ismaeliya Creation Myth explicated by the late Henri Corbin. And in that retelling, he added some material from Parker's stuy on the mysterious ancient texts found in the "Sacred Temple of Pharoah Taharka". But there was no new material found.

I tell this story with the hope that someone or anyone has heard a fragment that might help confirm or deny the validity of this story.

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