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Nathan Carse, Warrant Officer & Rugby Teammate Dies in Afghanistan

From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 12, 2011

Nathan Carse, Warrant Officer & Rugby Teammate Dies in Afghanistan (Feb. 12, 2011)

Nathan Carse

I received the following e-mail from Keith Regan, a man with whom I routinely correspond on various issues presented at this web site.

A young man's death diminishes the lives of all who are close to him. I am just as disheartened by the death of American service men who die in Afghanistan or Iraq, as I am by the death of innocent civilians in those countries. There is no justification for these wars of aggression. And there is no sense to the needless death of human beings on either side of the conflict. The sooner we demand an end to this pentagram slaughter, the sooner we shall regain our sanity and our birthright as defenders of the oppressed.


Fellow team mates of mine just informed me Chuck Norris was killed in Afghanistan...though some links show dead of heart failure. If I get any scoop i will let you know.

Regards, Keith

From: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: chuck norris
To: Keith Regan
Date: Friday, February 11, 2011

Hi Keith,

You don't mean the actor, right? You mean a friend who used that nickname?

Let me know



Subject: Re: chuck norris
From: Keith Regan
Date: Fri, February 11, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Yes Ken

A team mate, Nathan Carse, hence Chuck Norris warrant officer. More photos are added now to his facebook here.


Keith Regan


Subject: Request to edit story on our team mate Nathan Carse
From: Keith Regan
Date: Thu, February 17, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Regarding the story posted on our Rugby Brother that gave it all Nathan Carse.

Could you please edit the story ? Deepest apologies to his family and friends as I thought he was married with kids .



Keith Regan

Local soldier killed in Afghanistan
Posted: Feb 09, 2011 Updated: Feb 16, 2011

Nathan CarseA local soldier is killed in Afghanistan just two months before he was supposed to come home. Your News Now's Marissa Sherer has more on the life of 32 year-old Army Spc. Nathan Carse.

As Kristin Purdy sorts through the pictures of her brother, Spc. Nathan Carse, the memories come flooding back.

"I think Nathan was the one that knocked my tooth out. When I was younger we were playing football in the house, and I don't know if he pushed me or if I tripped or something, but I fell and cracked my tooth on the floor," Purdy said.

She and her family are trying to remember all those happy times now. When Kristin answered the door Tuesday she got the news she hoped she'd never hear. Her brother was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

"He loves his friends, he loves his family, he loves his country, and he wanted to do something, make a difference, and he did," Purdy said.

Spc. Carse graduated from Allen East High School in 1997. He went to college at Capital University and got his Masters of Engineering degree from LSU. It was later Carse decided his true calling was in the military.

"He died for you. You know, every military man and woman, they're out there fighting for our freedom day in day out. We think we have it rough here, but it's far worse over there," Purdy said.

Specialist Carse was never married and didn't have any kids, but his sister says his life revolved around his four young nephews.

"The first thing he always asked about was his nephews, it was the first thing. He loved them very dearly," Purdy said.

Carse's family has spent the day trying to celebrate his life, thinking back on the good times. They hope everyone else does the same.

"Me and my sister and my brother have very many memories, and they'll last for a lifetime because really was, he was amazing," Purdy said.

The Carse family thanks the community for all the support.

Funeral arrangements haven't been finalized yet.


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