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Skeptic Needs 'Concrete' Evidence from Brice Taylor
August 16, 2008

Skeptic Needs 'Concrete' Evidence from Brice Taylor (Aug. 16, 2008)

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From: Trevor
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2008
Subject: Interested in more info

Hello Ken,

I read the Dr. Greenbaum expose many years ago and I've recently finished reading the book by Brice Taylor "Thanks for the Memories" and am interested in more information. I came across your site while researching Ted Gunderson after watching Youtube videos of an interview with him and Ms. Taylor. I have some personal interest in the subject of mind control and ritual abuse since my great-grandfather was a member of the Elk's Lodge in Utah and is implicated by my grandmother as being abusive and involved in certain satanic practices which she observed.

Can you please take a moment and let me know how I might get a hold of corroborating hardcopy (or digital pdf type file) evidence to the things that Brice Taylor references in her book? I'm inclined to accept what she alleges but am unwilling to do so completely without more sources and some form of concrete evidence. I would love to meet her personally, or a competent therapist in the Phoenix area that is presently working with such recovering persons. Call me old fashioned but I like to have evidence in hand or up close for scrutiny and observation. I won't pay for information unless I can be convinced before hand that I'll be getting my money's worth. Thank you for your time and help.



Hi Trevor,

I'm sure you don't realize the scope of what you are saying or asking for.

First things first: hardcopy evidence of what? The "things" that Brice references in her book? You need to be more specific than that. And exactly what are you referring to with this statement: "I won't pay for information unless I can be convinced before hand that I'll be getting my money's worth." ? What did you "pay" for so far?

What sort of concrete evidence do you think would be available for Brice to use? Signed confessions from her tormentors? Video tapes of her being programmed or abused? A memorandum from the CIA on mind control programming? Closed circuit TV of satanic murder rituals? Audio tapes of her conversations with Henry Kissinger? Reagan? Bob Hope? Still photos of the sex orgies with Mr and Mrs Clinton?

Do you understand that the woman was under mind control and that didn't know she was a victim of mind control (and living a double life) until she slowly began recovering fragmentary memories beginning in 1985? Do you realize how many YEARS it took and how much money she spent in an attempt to recover those memories? Do you understand that she CONTINUED to be used as a MK Ultra sex slave even during the years that she was trying to recover her memories?

If you read the book, you can see what she had endured. What sort of 'evidence' do you suppose these satanic New World Order bastards leave lying around --for a MIND CONTROLLED SLAVE--to enable her to present "concrete" proof to skeptics such as yourself? Didn't you see how many references, books, web sites, articles. etc. that she provides in the book? What else COULD she provide beyond these?

You are living in La La Land if you think that anything even remotely close to 'hard copy evidence' is easy to obtain or KEEP for that matter.

Unfortunately, neither the CIA, nor the NSA, nor NASA, nor the ONI, nor the FBI, nor the Pentagon, nor MI5, nor MI6 play by the Queensbury Rules. They routinely KILL people who are about to go into court with any sort of "hard copy" evidence to prove that the NWO minions who are destroying this country are as treasonous and corrupt as Brice relates in her book.

Remember Waco? April 19, 1994? There was a trial a few years ago in which the government was "acquitted" of all charges against it. The survivors of the massacre sued the government for intentionally starting the fires and intentionally killing most of the Branch Davidians. They had eyewitnesses among law enforcement, investigators, rescue personnel and most important an expert in the analysis of FLIR video which CLEARLY showed government helicopters shooting rockets into the compound which caused that Cesium Chloride gas which the government filled the place with to ignite and that in turn led to the inferno. EVERY witness that was due to testify against the government either mysteriously committed "suicide" or had an unfortunate "accident" that led to his untimely death and thus prevented that person from appearing in court and giving testimony against the government; EVERY single witness against the government.

Brice Taylor has done everything within her capacity to bring this information before the American public. If you think for a moment that anyone who would stick their neck out that far would jeopardize their credibility by making something up or exaggerating, then you don't comprehend the reality of going up against the New World Order. It's only because of her meticulous adherence to the truth, that Brice remains alive today and UNCHALLENGED by lawsuits. Her book was self published 9 years ago. Why is that she has not been sued by even ONE of the hundred or so powerful and well-connected people in her book for libel, or slander, or defamation of character--if what she wrote about them was untrue?

Your are wholly naive to the gravity of evil and corruption taking place in this country and just how rough these people play. You are dealing with people who are just as vicious, cruel, inhumane, and deadly as the Nazi Gestapo of World War II. In fact, they ARE Nazis-and I mean that literally.

I wouldn't hold my breath in expectations of either you, or a "competent therapist in the Phoenix area", getting together with Brice Taylor and being spoon fed in the basics of CIA mind control in America. It's not her job to bring you up to speed--it's yours.

Respectfully, Ken


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From: Louise Rosen
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008
Subject: Re: 'Trevor' - Mind Control - Brice Taylor

Hi Ken,

While I feel that 'Trevor' may be baiting you by requesting hard evidence, Trevor might do well to google Colonel Michael Aquino and Colonel John Alexander or even MKUltra and follow all of the various links.

While Aquino and Alexander are no longer actively in the military, it goes without saying that they are still engaged with military defense contractors.

As for what happens to whistle-blowers, one only has to look at the saga of Diana Napolis, MA, a Satanic Ritual Abuse researcher and investigator from San Diego. Ms. Napolis recently sued Colonels Aquino and Alexander and others $10M in Federal Court. (I suggest you google Diana Napolis.)

I meet people everyday who walk around with their heads in the clouds who are in utter denial as to what is really going on. When will our 'dumbed-out' populace wake up and smell the stench?

Louise Rosen


Subject: About 'Skeptic Needs 'Concrete' Evidence from Brice Taylor'
Date: Mon, August 23, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


I'm just throwing a question in the air - If she was filmed in so much porn she describes to be filmed in, then there should be flick somewhere around, already having reached the internet, originating from VHS or whatever, right?

I am interested in hearing your opinion on this, and will continue to google other sites to see if anyone even claims to have seen such porno. Otherwise I could use my own unemployment by looking for such.

Best Regards,



"Anonymous' doesn't work for me, thus the admonition to sign your name whenever you write to me.

Is it that hard to just sign "John" or "Bill"? Do you think the DHS or the CIA is going to focus on you if you sign with your first name? Do you think there's some possibility that you're going to be ID'd with a first name?

Is there something that you're saying that would even create in interest in knowing who you are?

You didn't really explain it in your letter, but I suppose you're refering to the info from Brice Taylor's book-which I'm sure you haven't read- that alludes to Brice being forced to make porn films. THOSE porn films are not seen by ordinary peons on your level. They are ONLY seen by Illuminati -approved scum bags of the Bill and Hillary Clinton variety.

Question answered, "anonymous"?

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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