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Letters to The Editor

NESARA: A Second Look
Was "Dove" a Setup?
July 19, 2007


Subject: NESARA
From: "Ann E. Mullen" <>
Date: Thu, July 19, 2007
To:   Editor

Hi Ken:

Dr. Harvey Barnard wrote a book about Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform called "Draining the Swamp; The NESARA Story". There is a reason why NESARA was quickly put to rest. I feel for Dr. Barnard and his colleagues.

They have worked very hard on this proposal, only to be victimized by the powers that be. One such person who put out misinformation called herself "Dove". Dr. Barnard not only talks about this "Dove" person on his website, but he also speaks about her in his book. Dove's website does look official at first, but after reading through it, I have a hard time understanding how people can continue to go back time and time again. I am also confused as to why Mathew would not give out the real NESARA website.

I noticed that many of the NESARA websites did not include the NESARA proposal for all to see. This should have been a clue. Yes, there really is a NESARA proposal and in my opinion it's pretty good. It is not a cashless proposal. Our currency would be backed by gold and silver, the Federal Reserve would be abolished, for secured loans compound interest is outlawed and replaced with a controlled monetization fee, the Income Tax Act of 1939 is amended, and the amount of money homeowners would save is shocking. These are just a few examples of what you will find in the proposal.

Before people quickly dismiss NESARA, I feel they need to at least look over the proposal and give it a chance. What people are not seeing is they have the ability to amend it, if they feel the need to. A person can compare their home loans they have today with a home loan under the NESARA proposal at the real NESARA website. I guarantee you'll like what you see.

The proposal is free to download and it can be found at NESARA'S website below. I have recently learned that Dr. Barnard has passed away, but his team will be happy to answer any questions for you, and they have always responded in a quick manner. <>

Warm Regards, Ann


Hello Ann,

Very good. I'll post your note. The only NESARA that I was aware of was that promoted by "Dove".

If, as you say, "Dove" was a setup to draw attention away from the originators of a beneficial program in order to discredit it, then her handlers succeeded very well.

Glad you wrote. I'll take a look.

Regards, Ken

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