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Neutralizing a TASER Gun Assault

[Editor's Note: The reason that so many in "law enforcement" today act like uncaring, inhumane barbarians is because they are CHOSEN and TRAINED to behave that way. You can see from news reports that the level of barbarity against relatively NON-THREATENING individuals who have usually committed the 'crime' of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, has been increasing dramatically over the past few years in Britain and here in the US and Canada.

Cops are being encouraged to behave this way using the same sort of dehumanizing mind set that has been employed for the past decade to "train" US military personnel. It's part of the agenda to federalize and militarize local police. Civilians that cops encounter in the street are viewed as the "enemy", much as civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan are viewed as the "enemy" and the threshold of restraint falls to ever lower levels as the goons who get away with this abusive behavior never pay a price for their thugery.

The police who TASER and maim people or TASER and kill innocent people face NO DISCIPLINARY ACTION, nor a loss of pay, nor a loss of job, nor are they indicted for any crimes, so naturally the barbaric behavior only increases over time. Victims of police TASER abuse and concerned citizens need to organize into a national group to STOP the use of TASER guns entirely. A legal team needs to be organized nationally to bring lawsuits down on every police department, every police chief, every city government, and every cop who tortures or kills people with TASER guns. It's NEVER going to stop until those who were responsible for putting those TASER guns in the hands of irresponsible thugs are brought to task for their betrayal of the public trust. When the savages masquerading as policemen are forced to pay a price for their criminal behavior, it will stop--and not a day before..Ken]
August 8, 2009

Neutralizing a TASER Gun Assault (Aug. 8, 2009)

Subject: Taser Defeat
From: Hank
Date: Sun, August 2, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Info on your website very informative and eye opening for many. Now that things are escalating and getting real serious, it5 is now time we take more active roles in stopping these bastards. So they are coming up with even more advanced tasers huh, how about pulling the rug out from under these mindless fools and defeat them for mere pennies?

And this simply can be done by shorting out the dart probes. A simple body armour can be nothing but a piece of tin foil worn under the clothes. That would short out the electrical currents even if the darts pierce through it. Two or three layers of the foil would even be better if the dart probes pierced it and would provide small holes so the taser electrical arcs would short out more and faster. Even a piece of cardboard or heavy cloth wrapped in tin foil would do the trick. These mindless fools need to be brought back in their place after maybe spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions to be defeated by pennies.

This is power to the people. Every thing that these so-called control bastards spend big money on to control us needs to be countered attacked with everyday, common and cheap measures. Maybe this taser counter attack can be the starter. Will they out law tin foil next? Do a little research from your members and post an article for the simpliest and cheapest methods for the people to use.


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