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Noam Chomsky
December 28, 2007

Noam Chomsky (Dec. 28, 2007)

Date: Fri, December 28, 2007 6:04 pm
To: Editor

Why does Chomsky have to be a gatekeeper just because he doesn't believe in your conspiracy theories. Can he not simply be another person, probably like most members of your family for instance, that lives outside the realm of fantasy. I, your family and Mr Chomsky don't believe in the illuminati, the flying spaghetti monster or Santa Claus. Your reasoning is that we all must belong to a secret society for our denunciation.

What exactly are you doing with your time to stop the illuminati that could possibly be of any value? Be honest your fixation with them is nothing more than a boring hobby.



1. If you want to debate me about Noam Chomsky, can you first present some cogent arguments that support your contentions? I've posted articles from other writers that easily exceed 50,000 words detailing their reasons for labeling Chomsky a gatekeeper. You, on the other hand, send a single paragraph accusing me of being "fixated" and "boring", while offering NOTHING to buttress your claim.

2. I see your server is located in The Czech Republic. Do you possess enough knowledge of the English language to know the difference between a statement (or command) and a QUESTION and employ the appropriate punctuation required?

3. Can you manage to identify yourself with your given name? Is is really too much trouble for a highly tuned critic such as yourself to append your name to your eloquent, albeit brief critique?

4. What am I "doing to stop the Illuminati", you snidely ask?

Well, when it comes to Noam Chomsky, what I'm "doing" is bringing to light the deceptions, distortions, obfuscations, and carefully crafted propaganda that has been set into motion by a highly skilled and cunning wordsmith from an Illuminati-controlled institution, MIT, who has managed to suck in millions of pilgrims-such as yourself -into accepting his superficial persona as real and sincere.

I recognize your dilemma and do not hold you at fault, as many other people find themselves in a similar predicament. You lack both the intelligence and discernment to parse the enchantment of his oratory from the substance of statements; so you are compelled to view him as 'Mr. Wonderful', an appellation often used by other liberal mentalities to characterize Al Gore, another Illuminati phony of the First Order.

Your turn.

Ken Adachi



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