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Noam Chomsky Disciple Chastises Ken Adachi: "You have a long way to go"
September 11, 2009

Noam Chomsky Disciple Chastises Ken Adachi: "You have a long way to go" (Sep. 11, 2009)

Subject: I love your column
Date: Fri, September 11, 2009

You need to read Noam Chomsky before you criticize him. If you picked up a book or two you would realize that the comment that the difference in Leftist and rightist people being of little significance is taken from comparing how both liberal and conservatives in the US ALL maintain the status quo of killing and destruction in an endless power and money search. He is a passionate advocate of YOUR rights and deserves to be dignified by an appropriate study of his work and not you cherry picking a phrase without even understanding where it was coming from When you do so you are no better than the political hacks in the US who play the same game without ever understanding the truth. You need to study more my friend
you have a long way to go.


Dear No Name Critic,

Doesn't "pnkcoputa" work out to "pinko whore" in Spanish? Is that how you see yourself? A Pinko Whore? A whore with pro-communist views?

You need to read me, before criticizing, because you don't know what you're talking about. I never seriously debate about Left or Right because it's been a Game for at least 50 years. Only twinkies believe it. I've never "cherry picked" anything Chomsky has said or written. Had you actually read my comments, you would see that I'm not taken in by his Good Guy, " I care about the Little Guy" dog and pony show. I already read and listened to Chomsky on numerous occasions. I've already said that he's very ADROIT and talented in the art of persuasion and SEEMS to be a Wonderful Guy, full of wonderful thoughts, ideas, and perceptions. However, in the final analysis, he's a "gatekeeper", which is why I call him a gatekeeper. He's carrying water for the Illuminati. He sucks you in with all the feel-good RHETORIC about humanitarian rights, but doesn't say a word about 911 being an inside job. Why is that? (hint: gatekeeper)

Hugo Chavez, ex-military front man for Rockefeller-created communism, mentions Noam's book at the UN and 3 weeks later, Noam has 3/4 million more in his bank account. Coincidence you say?

A week ago he's fettered by Chavez and lauded to the rafters. Coincidence?

MIT is involved up to their eyeballs in government/Pentagon (pentagram) contracts and operations. If it's secret, dark, and in violation of the constitution, MIT is involved in it. Noam Chomsky works for MIT. Coincidence?

Yea, I have a long way to go.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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