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Ref. Rethinking Noam Chomsky
May 15, 2007

Subject: Rethinking Noam Chomsky
Date: Tue, May 15, 2007
To:   Editor

I really think Noam Chomsky is in with the Illuminati, just as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, M. Ahmadinejad, Bush, Blair, Mugabee, and about 90% of the world leaders.  He is no hero. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing and yeah, Bush is an evil bastard.

But Chavez is not better. They all make that [satanic] signal, the long horns with their fingers- all of them. I have seen the pictures and Zagmy and others say they're all in this destruction mess together. I believe it, so anything that Mr. Chomsky says, I don't listen to either. He's a bloody liar and phony, just like all the jackals listed above. To me, there is no hope with Democrats or Republicans. If this bullshit doesn't stop, we will face a civil war because we are not a democracy. I pray it doesn't happen. The Electoral college is one major evil that should have disappeared a long time ago.

The greatest hope this country had at one time was who I considered the greatest American freedom fighter of all time (because he cares more about us than himself): Ralph Nader. He is the only one that had enough guts to go to the steps of the Skull and Bones meeting house on that college [Yale] and tell Bush and Kerry to renounce their membership with this evil organization.

Now, Ralph is old, so I pray that a lot of wonderful and strong third party candidates will step forward. I will vote for one of them as I can't have that karma or hypocrisy of electing an Illuminati puppet for our country. Even if we don't win, at least I'll have a good conscience about voting for someone who gives a damn about us and this dysfunctional country of ours. I pray for divine intervention everyday that things will change.

I hope that the American people, except for people like you who have this wonderful web site, will remember that only third party candidates care about you. You had a list of other links and web sites I think. Wes P. has a great web site , the "Illuminati news" and Leo Zagmy's "Illuminati Confessions". The only web site that bothered me that you referred was a fundamentalist Christian web site called the Last Trumpet. It's rather negative and I agree with them on some things, but I really don't see them as true Christians. They cut down Buddhists, Hindus, etc., Jesus said to love and not judge. Well, I am not perfect, so I will say this: I didn't like their reference on religious cutting. This only divides us, not unites us. True Jesus is love, not "my way or the highway".

Thanks for letting me express my feelings. I think you have an excellent web site and I will refer family and friends to it.



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