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Non Comments on the Jan. 28 Dome of Rock Event
February 10, 2011

Non Comments on the Jan. 28 Dome of Rock Event (Feb. 10, 2011)

----- Original Message -----
From: 58 and fixed <>
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Subject: Interview with Don N, web-site & general approach

Hi Ken:

I appreciate that some people take more time & effort to make sense of the changes going on this Planet, however I sometimes wonder if we are any better off with so much opinion and paranoia ...

You may find a radar screen with a wider presentation and substance with depth at:

- 58



You'll have to explain the purpose of this e-mail. I went to the link and see a lot of linked stories. What has this got to do with the Subject line of your e-mail?

Do you have a name or are you some sort of cyborg with a registration number?

I have a printed notice on my Contact page about sending me e-mail which needs to include your actual name, not a number or an e-mail handle.

I don't pay attention to anonymous mail because they are ALWAYS written by COWARDS who wish to remain hidden behind the curtain, while laying claim to great knowledge and insights which usually only they are privy to.

If you want to talk with me, then present yourself as a man and not behave like a little church mouse.

If you don't believe the info presented about General Jeremiah and the events at Jerusalem on Jan 28, 2011, that's OK with me. However, there is no need to tell me of your skepticism. It doesn't interest me.

It just tells me that you're a conventional, mundane sort of guy who doesn't have the wit or insight or perception to recognize something momentous when it's presented to you.

You send me a Craig's list forum link that you believe is of great informational value while simultaneously scoffing at one of the biggest Extraterrestrial Disclosure events yet to come down the pike premiered at my web site.




Subject: Re: Interview with Don N, web-site & general approach
From: "58 and fixed" <>
Date: Thu, February 10, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken:

I'm bordering on not bothering with you either, however I'm putting your response down to temporary paranoia.

I'm not going to bother with the reasons for my anonymity for the moment, because that's just another story, and I'm not really all that interested in just telling stories. Stories, like opinions, just fill space and time.

I've decided to have you check out a list of cognitive biases, to see if it
'triggers' yet another reaction.

I suppose if it does, I'll already give you a heads-up, I'm not interested in any more dialog.

At least I took the effort to check you out at a deeper level than a lot of other people, and at that level, I hope you can 'get it.'

I spend a lot of time trying to sort through potential minds of equal level of discerning thinkers, the bulk of which I cannot tell whether they are just innocently ignorant or truly malevolent -- because the end result is
that this large & growing crowd aren't part of a solution, and like to harp on criticism and point to problems that are simply symptoms.

- 58



Your reply serves as a confirmation of what I already explained to you.

1. You again fail to connect what your Subject line and the body of your e-mail have in common.

2. You neither identify yourself nor explain why you don't identify yourself, while continuing to infer that you are the Holder of Great Knowledge, but must remain secretive for some unexplained reason

3. You've "decided" that I should check out yet another link that still has no connection with the Subject line and is not pertinent to the things I'm calling you on.

4. You contacted me, I didn't contact you. Your dimissive remark about not wanting to dialog is illogical, based on your actions.

5. If you truly have an interest in offering 'solutions' to the world, then you need to go about that in a more conventional fashion by explaining yourself in writing using a conventional format. That would require an Introduction, a Development, and a Conclusion, as explained in any basic book on English composition. And at the end of your expositon, you would sign your first and last name, real or pseudonym, but not the number "58"

Well, I guess that's it. You've had your 15 seconds with me. It's time to move on to someone else who may be interested in contemplating your observations.

Good luck and Happy Trails, Ken Adachi


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