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Note from Jeffrey on the Dangers of Contacting the US Government About Anything

[Editor's Note: I've received numerous letters over the years from people who had complained to some government agency like the FBI, for example, about some sort of misdeed or crime, or illegal behavior they had observed and subsequently they found themselves the victims of psychotronic torture and harassment, and sometimes gang stalking or street theater.

Strangely enough, I just heard from a guy in the greater New York area who has been victimized by psychotronics for the past 7 years because he made the HUGE mistake of approaching Colin Powell and getting involved with him on the political front. Do not write or call or report anything to any government agency and bring yourself to their attention unless you want to find out what psychotronic torture is all about, up front and personal...Ken Adachi]
October 19, 2011

Note from Jeffrey on the Dangers of Contacting the US Goverment About Anything (Oct. 19, 2011)

Subject: Re: George Green
From: Jeffrey
Date: Wed, October 19, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Thanks for the quick reply. I started preaching your sermons about 29 years ago, and was laughed at and was ostracized by many who knew me at the time. I had one friend who believed me, since he had uncovered a lot of the info I had, who contacted a number of government officials with nasty correspondences. But he was also a porn freak, which rotted his brain. He got so wacky that I could no longer hang with him, but I think his letters to the government may have caused a reaction that could be a full frontal, assault on his mind.

He has become the most paranoid human being I've ever met. He swears that he is constantly watched, his home invaded, and movements followed.


I'm in (xxxxxxx), North Carolina not that far from (xxxxx). I've known about the concentration camps for MANY years.Also not far from Lake Jordan, where a number of UFO sightings occurred, prior to the lake being built. There is still a "secret" government facility in that area, which a mayor of Pittsboro tried to investigate some years ago, but was met by armed military guards, turned away and ordered never to return.

I'm totally computer illiterate, otherwise I could possibly dig up some of the evidence. I've never even cut and pasted anything. Anyway, keep up the good work. I don't expect it, but should you print anything I send you, please withhold my name. I have a mission from God to bring the good news into dangerous territory, and the last thing I need is the government keeping up with me. I've lived pretty much off the grid since 1982, without so much as a bank account, because I saw what was coming.

Take care,

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