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Notes on Big Brother in England  (April 12, 2007)
April 12, 2007

Notes on Big Brother in England  (April 12, 2007)

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From: Barney
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007
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Hello Ken,

I too have found no visible trace of serious anti-NWO activity here in South-East England, on the internet or elsewhere, primarily I suspect because Big Brother has more control over the internet than we are led to believe. Wiretapping isn't even secret here. For decades we've been told (though very little actual detail) of GCHQ (Government Communications HeadQuarters), the "official" communications monitoring centres that have the potential to monitor ALL telephone and internet activity, and then there's Echelon.

When they had those giant "golf balls" on the Yorkshire moors we were told it was part of Britain's "early warning system" in case the Russians attacked! It was really an early incarnation of Echelon. Even now I believe Echelon is supposed to be secret, but the French government confirmed it's existence several years ago.

My belief is that any attempt by dissidents to unite via the internet is very quickly dealt with, thus maintaining the illusion that we're just a few isolated cranks working on our own against a benevolent state. In anything we do find that pretends to criticise the government, the false dissidents even substitute the supposedly "comforting" phrase "nanny state" for the far more truthful and much more vicious "nazi state".

"They're not our enemy. They're looking after us, perhaps a bit too well for most people, but always with our welfare at heart."

My response to that kind of nonsense is a one-word reference to the male reproductive glands (8 letters).

Btw, they still insist that the cameras and other "street furniture" don't contain concealed microphones. My sister has been in her local control centre and knows the truth. The microphones vastly outnumber the cameras, but we're not allowed to know about them because they're so easily hidden from us.

All the best,



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