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Note to John Kaminski About Circumsized Jews
April 5, 2005

Re: Corporate Devolution and the End of Humanity By John Kaminski (Apr. 4, 2005)

Cc: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 1:59 AM
Subject: Corporate Devolution and the End of Humanity

Hello John,

As I've read quite a lot of your articles/essays, I have great respect for your efforts and vision. I consider myself as a free thinker that has a reasonable doubt on all visions and opinions :) I read your article Corporate devolution.. and I agree on it mostly.

When you talk about circumsized Jewes, you claim, without explanation, that circumsized Jews:

"During the first eight days only three lower Chakras are developed. All the higher Chakras remain undeveloped in the body of a circumcised Jew. In other words — a circumcised Jew is only half a person — with mutilated soul and brain. Jewish circumcision ritual produces real bio-robots that cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and who cannot be reprogrammed. "


"If you try to tell the circumcised Jew about these feelings, he would not understand you. He would think that you are either a fool or an actor. It is probably similar to trying to describe colors to a color-blind person. "

Well that is a statement that, in my opinion, that ask for a more detailed explanation [concerning] what happens when somebody is circumsized.

I oppose any mutilation of the body whether it is related to religion or trend, but I recall some heartfelt encounters with circumsised Jews.

So please, if possible, explain why circumsation on the eight day stops developing the other Chakras.

With respect, and warm feelings towards you,

Ferry verhoeve

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