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Nutri Energetics Systems: A New Development?
December 17, 2008

Nutri Energetics Systems: A 'New' Development? (Dec. 17, 2008)

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From: Alex S
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008
Subject: new medical device please read this

Hi Ken,

I'm writing because of a different subject and I'm thinking it's a really important one. Driven by mainly your writings I became very interested on alternative medicine, namedly Dr. Clark and on investigating it further, I found a clinic using her therapies. Of course I became very curious and recently I visited this clinic only to find out one technique that impressed me more than Dr. Clark's ones (and before this I thought if Dr. Clark is correct, she is a hundred steps ahead than conventional medicine). So I guess this technique would be two hundred steps ahead as both me and my friend tried it and it worked really really well. Basically in about 10 seconds, I got a full mental, physical, and emotional diagnostic and I can say it hit the spot with both me and my friend just by touching a techlogical device.

The name is Nutri Energetics Systems ( ) and I'm writing you to get more information that isn't readily available to anyone and you surely have much more knowledge and sources than me. I already searched your website and didn't found anything written about it so please can you dig it a little bit ? Ah, and another thing, besides having a technological device that does a full diagnostic, they have made the treatment which they call infoceuticals, basically a liquid with the required information to establish the balance of the body's energies ( I can't explain it technically as I don't have any formation or in depth knowledge of it, but what I've already heard and read it uses Quantum Entanglement physics ).

So please, can you help me in knowing more about this ? If it's legit, safe and more importantly, not contolled by the big guys.

Alex S


Hi Alex,

I took a fast scan. It looks OK, This is the new science of energy medicine versus the old way of drug medicine. This is a promotional web site that wants to sell (or lease) computers with special computer programs ("NES"), probably for a great deal of money, and training, and "infoceuticals" They wish to appear to have pioneered something new, but that would be misleading. The 3 people running the web site are relatively new to alternative medicine, having become involved about 6 years ago. The young fellow who put the company together was ill with chronic fatigue and found that Peter Fraser could help him get out of it and decided to capitalize on his "new" discovery (I'm not holding it against him, but he's not a pioneer. He's a business man capitalizing on the achievements of those who went before him-without telling you that) The senior person is Peter Fraser who apparently taught music in high school in Australia ("secondary level"). The video calls him "professor Fraser", I don't think so. Obtaining a title of professorship means being appointed a full professor from an accredited UNIVERSITY after you meet all the tenure requirements. It takes about 20 + years to do that and not everyone makes it; only some. A high school music teacher with a Masters of Arts degree wouldn't qualify.

It seems that the young fellow who started the company has encoded into computer language Peter's info on the meridian principles that acupuncture is based on and using an analysis of the reflected Morphogenic field (a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake in the mid 1970s) -which they have renamed "the human body field (HBF)" -they then compare the reflection to an idealized template stored in the computer and come up with deficiencies, over stimulations, or distortions, which they have renamed "quantum entanglement" physics.

The improvements in computer software in the past decade, coupled with faster computers is what they are basing their system on, although I'm sure that they tailored a "proprietary" protocol shaped to acupuncture and Chinese medicine principles. The action is based on radionics.

For the past ten years, there have been dramatic improvements in computer programs that diagnose and treat people via radionics and frequency "injection" (my word) . They can broadcast a frequency and the person can pick it up from a distance or they can "input" a frequency into a bottle of water or water with a colloid suspension of minerals, or herbs, or homeopathic compounds, etc. That's what the "infoceuticals' are.

Hulda Clark teaches you a way to do it yourself at home with a zapper that she published in her last 2 books. She calls it Homeography. You can replace a missing frequency INTO the body with "input drops" and remove undesirable frequencies FROM the body with "take out drops". It remarkable how well it works and it only cost you the price of water and the little bottle that it's kept in. Perhaps the people selling "infoceuticals" wouldn't want you to know that.

In the early 1990s, former NASA scientist Bill Hamilton developed the use of larger sized laptop computers for computer-based radionics diagnosis and therapy. Prior to that, it was done with a much smaller mini computer such as the SE-5 and prior to that it was done manually .

Radionics is generally suppressed in the United States and is officially considered "quack" science, therefore "fraudulent" and punishable by law. There have been periods of intense persecution (Ruth Drown 1950's and 1960s) and periods of relative calm. So far, there has not been a big crackdown against computer-based radionics, and buying a unit yourself and doing it at home is not against the law. Treating others could get you nailed if you came to the government's attention and they wanted to make an example of you. They usually don't bother with small time operators who go to health expos, etc.

The system is legit, but I don't know who is putting up the money behind these guys. I'm disturbed by their use of the suffix, "ceuticals". That smacks of drug company influence, such as in the word "nutriceuticals" or "pharmaceuticals". It's possible that they are linked to drug companies who wish to cash in on the growing popularity of alternative medicine, since pharmaceutical-based "medicine" has proven itself to be such an expensive and dismal failure. .

Someone should do a thorough search of this company's financial profile and see what comes up. If they are a public company: who are the major shareholders? That might prove interesting.

That's not to say that they aren't getting good results and achieving good things. I'm just put off by their attempt to appear as if they had pioneered the whole thing. They didn't.

Regards, Ken


Subject: NutriEnergetics & Peter Fraser
From: J. Shlackman
Date: Fri, December 19, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I came across a book co-authored by Peter Fraser that references the nutrienergetics and infoceuticals as it describes how the system was developed. It's called Decoding The Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information As Medicine (Healing Arts Press, 2008). There's a number of quantum biofeedback type systems now that apply energy medicine protocols to balance frequencies. They are generally beneficial, but they have limitations to how much they get to the root of things (i.e. beliefs and emotions that underly an issue may not be addressed, at least not
directly) and they can sometimes aggravate symptoms if they stimulate some sort of shift in a way the body-mind isn't ready to process. That's my perspective. It's definitely worth exploring and much safer than pharmaceutical medicine.

Regards, Jed


Subject: Nutrienergetics System NES
From: Richard Phethean
Date: Sat, December 20, 2008
To: Editor

: Dear Ken,

Re Nutrienergetics System,

I have been involved with this as a practitioner for 3 or 4 years now. As you say, it has many features in common with many energy medicine devices on the market today, qxci, radionics etc., yet this seems to go a step further than most, particularly in the fresh thinking behind it. As a practitioner, there is a huge volume of scientific background to draw upon and study. The pioneers are very thorough and diligent in helping to further the understanding of the human body field, etheric, aura, whatever term you want to use, and to marry that with Chinese medicine and the latest discoveries in quantum physics.

Diagnostically, I have had some amazing ah-ha experiences while helping patients to understand the basis of their dis-ease. Therapeutically, I have also seen some powerful transformations. The first time I did an scan and took the "drops" aka "infoceuticals" myself, I had an amazing boost of energy and clarity that went on for weeks - I was zooming!

As to the cost of the system, it is certainly comparable with, and cheaper than many on the market. They do not "sell" to you if you are not already a qualified practitioner, and they insist you do an intensive training, included in the price. Also, they do not sell or lease computers, the system includes only the software and a usb human interface device (scanner). I run mine on a macbook under windows (dual boot). I have met many of the people who developed the system, and found them to be serious genuine people at the frontiers of the healing arts, science and spirituality.

The downside is that you have to continually buy the infoceuticals, but the reason is that the process of producing them is not a simple case of beaming information patterns into distilled water (as in other systems) - it is more complicated than that and involves colloidal minerals as the information-carrier. On the other hand, they have got to make ends meet - these people are certainly not just trying to make a quick buck.

I also do not particularly like the term "infoceuticals", but I would be very surprised if there was pharma industry involvement. One of their most basic tenets is to treat the cause and not the symptoms - I can't see big pharma agreeing with that one.

Therapeuticaly it combines well with healthy diet, SCENAR, appropriate supplements and emotional freedom technique. The drops can have a profoundly detoxifying effect, so one has to build up the dosage gradually.

Summary: yes, very legit, and at the cutting edge of energy medicine.

Richard Phethean


Hi Richard,

I characterized the effort of this company as legit because I understand what they are doing and I'm familiar with the history behind their methodology. However, it's equally clear that they are interested in making money and wish to keep the info, and the equipment "proprietary" and as you say, keep you coming back to buy the infoceuticals from them. In other words, they are playing the same game as the drug companies.

Since you are a practitioner with them, I would expect you to present a glowing picture, and I'm sure you have noticed the effects you report, but there are many other people with similar systems that are also getting good results and not trying to keep you coming back for more "refills". As to "cutting edge ", no, I don't agree. This is better than drug medicine, to be sure, but it's been around for a long time. Since it has been so severely suppressed in the USA at least, most people are completely unaware of its existence, and so naturally to a new comer, a computer-based radionics system appears wondrous.

Real "cutting edge" never gets to the public level of awareness because it's always thoroughly suppressed and buried. For example, Antonie Priore's incredible healing discoveries in the mid 1970's were completely swept from the public's view and if it wasn't for Tom Bearden's outstanding efforts to keep his story alive, we never would have read a word about it on the internet or anywhere else.

I find it hard to imagine that there is no drug company sponsorship or involvement, on some level, with this company. It's well known by everyone involved in this game just what -and who- the suffix "ceutical" refers to. It's not an accident that they chose that name.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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