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The New World Order & Aliens
August 28, 2008

The New World Order & Aliens (Aug. 28, 2008)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anael Cavaroc (Russia)
Date: 2008/8/28
Subject: NWO article : aliens
To: Editor

Hello Ken,

I've been directed to your website from, and read the article about the New World Order (

This overview gives a good idea of what the NWO is. But I can tell you the mention of aliens in underground US bases is enough to stop every reader from thinking this is a article of some quality. If you believe in aliens, it's best you dedicate separate articles; I'm sure you'll find a lot of documentation about them :)

Best wishes,

Anael Cavaroc,
Petrozavodsk, Russia


Hello Anael,

Thanks for your note. I'm amazed at your English ability. Are you Russian by birth? How is it you can speak English so well?

Concerning aliens: It's not a matter of "belief"-such as speculation. Aliens are here and there is abundant evidence of their presence. Some aliens are positive and wish us no harm while other alien groups are negative and desire to enslave and control us. These are the alien groups working with the NWO. The negative aliens are not a minor issue when it comes to the NWO. They are the MAIN issue because negative aliens CONTROL and DIRECT the human NWO puppets and steer the DIRECTION of the NWO enslavement campaign on earth.

Before his death in January 1996, Phil Schneider encountered tall Gray alien overlords directly in a meeting held in the UN which he was invited to attend and address an assembly of both humans and aliens. He did not like what they told him and vowed to never cooperate with the NWO again.

While working on the Montauk Project during the 1970s and 80s, Al Bielek had to interact almost daily with a tall, 450 pound reptilian alien liaison officer working with the humans at the underground base below Camp Hero in Montauk Long Island. The humans working at Montauk could not pronounce his alien name, so they called him "Charlie" . Generally, full blooded reptilian aliens have a very low opinion of human beings, as they view humans more like domesticated animals. They see themselves as intellectually and technologically far superior to humans and generally treat humans with disdain (same for the tall gray aliens). By the way, reptilians EAT human beings, much as we eat domesticated animals.

There are many extraterrestrial groups located above, on, and under the earth. Certain alien species have been here since very ancient times. Modern history assumes that human civilized societies began around 6000 BC with ancient Sumeria, but the reality is that advanced human civilizations have come and gone on earth for a long time, perhaps 2 million years. Humans have had open and closed contact with different alien groups throughout the entire period that humans have existed on earth. Read the Earth Chronicles series of books by Zecharia Sitchin to see the historical record of the alien presence on earth.

Read "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley to find out how aliens have been controlling the direction of human intercourse throughout recorded history.

The dominant overlord alien group controlling the NWO are the reptilians, sometimes called the Dracos. They have been interbreeding with humans since the time of Sumeria and many of our world leaders are actually hybrids of both human and reptilian genetic origin. David Icke refers to these hybrids as "shape-shifters" because they have the capacity to transform into their alien reptilian appearance. Most world leaders are reptilian/human shape shifters including the Queen of England, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, and the former Prime minister Tony Blair. Barack Obama is a reptilian shape shifter as is George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr. Perhaps 70% of the US Senate are reptilian shape shifters. Puttin is likely a shape shifter as well.

Aliens, such as the grays, have been abducting human women for many decades and using them to breed a large population of hybrid alien/humans. Each woman abductee may produce 30-40 hybrid alien children. The woman is impregnated with alien seed and the hybrid baby is removed from the woman at about 6 weeks and the growth process completed inside an incubator aboard alien spacecraft. There are now MILLIONS of these hybrid alien/humans housed in spaceships and in underground bases around the world. The goal is to replace the native earth all-human population with their own alien/human hybrids and then the manipulating alien groups that are currently hidden from view will openly live and use the earth as THEIR home planet. When I write that the alien agenda is to take over planet earth, I mean exactly that.

I'm surprised that Russians have such a skeptical view of aliens as they are usually more advanced than Americans in comprehending psychic phenomenon, remote viewing, remote influencing, psychic assassination, etc. Phil Schneider reported in 1995 that the Russian government has been shooting down UFOs at the rate of about 50 a month. He said there are so many downed UFOs in Russia, that they have trouble finding where to store all the UFO shoot down debris.

I wouldn't have mentioned the alien aspect in my NWO overview if it wasn't a MAJOR part of the story.

You will be confronting the alien issue yourself in the very near future as Project Blue Beam is in the process of being implemented world wide. The increased media reports of large UFO sightings will continue to grow in prominence and frequency until the day will soon come when you will see alien spaceships on the 6 O'Clock News. "Contact" of the fourth kind is just around the corner and you will then understand why I attempted to forewarn my readers, starting in 1996 when I wrote the NWO Overview, of the true situation between extraterrestrials and our government leaders.

Knowledge is power. Those who bury their heads in the sand will pay the ultimate price for their willing ignorance.

Kind Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Anael Cavaroc
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2008
Subject: Re: NWO article : aliens

Hello Ken,

first i will mention that I'm french, i just was spending my holidays in Russia. I'm sorry to have to read so much nonsense about aliens. If what you said was true, aliens sure would have already changed our world, or killed us all since we are not good for the planet. It's also sad to see that on this page,

you can give credit to the article of the email link. It's typical sci-fi clearly written and thought by a human mind.

Also, remove everything you know from this character Schneider, and you will understand that you don't have anything that comforts his allegations, anything that was mentioned in a similar way by other people. That you don't have any evidence.


Anyway I'm interested to know why you took some time to write me this long reply. I don't think you do believe what you write anyway.

Anael Cavaroc


Hi Anael,

Allow me to remind you that you contacted me; and not the other way around. I've made no attempt to twist your arm to believe anything. It's not my place to try and win you over. You believe as you see fit. You seemed to be sufficiently impressed by the NWO overview to write me, but you wanted to express your skepticism about aliens -- which you felt only detracts from the seriousness of the article. No "thinking " person would take it seriously I think you said. I, in turn, told you that the aliens are the centerpiece of the NWO takeover of this planet. If your belief system does not accept the reality of extraterrestrials on this planet, then only you are affected by that perception. It doesn't change the facts.

Your dismissal of the extremely valuable information provided by Phil Schneider in the Summer and Fall of 1995 --which costs Phil Schneider his life- -- tells me just how uninformed you are about who Phil Schneider was and what Phil Schneider brought to the table. Phil knew that his life was in jeopardy by speaking out, but he did it anyway because the issue was too important to not reveal what he knew. He fully realized the the NWO and alien agenda were one and the same and that it meant not only the destruction of the United States, but also the end of freedom and liberty everywhere in the world. He also knew that their (alien and NOW) agenda meant the killing off of roughly 85% of the current world's population. Phil was allowed to speak as long as he did because he had performed his job properly and faithfully. He only rebelled when he found out--first hand, in a face to face meeting with aliens-just what the NWO takeover meant for all of humanity. Also, Phil's father was a faithful servant of the Third Reich who was infiltrated into the US Navy to continue very secret work surrounding the Philadelphia experiment (which involved much more that invisibility of Navy ships). Phil was given multiple warnings to stop talking. Had he done so, he would have been allowed to live because of his father. But warning the public of the great betrayal afoot was more important than his own life.

If PHil was talking nonsense, as you so arrogantly claim, then there would have been no reason to have warned him to keep quiet, and certainly no reason to have killed him.

Concerning evidence: There is so much evidence of the alien presence on this planet that it could fill a small city library. The "lack of evidence" is only YOUR perception. You can't "find" what you don't look for. You write to me as if it was still 1955 and the majority of the world's population scoffed at the notion of aliens because the government disinformation minions were either brow beating, or intimidating, or calling people "crazy" who had first hand experience with aliens, or witnessed crashed space crafts, etc. Blue Book and all that childish military debunking that went on for years was for naught because no intelligent person believed those liars at the time (even kids knew the government was lying), and no one with a brain would ascribe to any of that fiction today.

Furthermore, you compound your smugness by issuing commands to take this or that down-- and then you say that "I don't think you do believe what you write anyway."


Do you think that I post this information in the interest of playing some sort of mindless game?

It's OK if you don't want to believe in aliens, but please don't insult me by demanding that I concur with your limited and biased views on the subject.

What we are butting up against here is your SUBCONSCIOUS mind trying to break through to your knotty pine CONSCIOUS mind and get you to WAKE up to the fact of aliens. That's WHY you wrote me the skeptical e-mail in the first place. Now, I know this is WAY too much for you to handle at this point in your evolution, but someday, it will dawn on you that what I just said is accurate. . .

Since it's such a mystery to you. let me explain why I wrote a lengthy reply to your e-mail: I was trying to provide sufficient information to get you to rethink your skepticism and perhaps open a door towards a wider awareness. Apparently, I failed completely, so I won't invest the time again to try and broaden your perspective. You will learn on your own when you see the announcement of alien contact on the 6 O'Clock News.

It's coming MUCH sooner than you know. And when it happens, I'll bet you a dollar to a donut, that you won't have the guts to write me and apologize for your arrogance--and ignorance.

Sayonara and bon chance, Ken Adachi


----- Original Message -----
From: Anael Cavaroc
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008
Subject: Re: NWO article : aliens


unlike you say, you did open a door. Your story interests me in the way that it could explain why the leaders of the NWO are evil. That is something that bothered me a long time; i think researchers on the NWO agree that the bankers are the people behind the curtains, yet I can't understand the reason why these people would do what they do, without thinking differently in their whole life, a human life where you can always perceive the good somewhere. The interview of Aaron Russo is very valuable in this regard, i think.

There should be something that link the NWO and the aliens. There is your surprising mention of UN meetings, assembling both humans and aliens. Does it mean members of the UN are aware of the existence of aliens, or only certain members ?

You also refer to the Blue Beam project "about to be implemented". What makes you say so (NASA ever went public about the Project?) How long do you mean? The developments here in Europe show that there will be quite a lot of things happening in the next few years, and the people will be conditioned, the way they are in the US after 9/11. (today i hear on the radio that Tazer guns will be available in all police departments; it first equipped the police only in Paris).

But here the shock (see Naomi Klein) will be an open conflict in Europe involving all NATO countries before 2012 (Russia will be forced to strike the missile shield in Poland). The politicians are damn well prepared for this, "educated" in the USA with the help of "foundations", in France it's the French American Foundation (see Thierry Meyssan and his Voltaire Network).

So I can't personally think of this Blue Beam Project being implemented soon, because the NWO obviously works a great deal right now and things must go on this way until we are enough prepared. And the way things are going absolutely dismiss the claim that premier minister Putin may be a shape-shifter.

Sorry if I've been arrogant in my last email. I think every information is worth examining it... I'm not currently researching in the same direction as you, but, as I said, your theory could explain the mind of the NWO elite, that we see as "evil".




OK Anael,

That sounds very encouraging and it looks like we are closer together than I had imagined.

Project Blue Beam will soon come to bear because they want to create MULTIPLE stressful scenarios to occur VERY CLOSE TOGETHER. The goal is to PANIC the public into accepting police state controls for our "security and survival"

The alien thing will be presented in a positive light initially, but then turn sour and that's when we'll see the REAL reason for creating Blue Beam.

Fear = control

Drop a line once in a while.



----- Original Message -----
From: Anael Cavaroc
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008
Subject: Copyright problem


as a mentioned in my previous email, you copied (reproduced) some of my emails on your website.

This you did without my permission, so I first asked you to remove them. In addition to that, you copyrighted the page, and stated that "All information posted on this website is the opinion of the author".

This is a violation of copyright and I therefore may start legal proceedings against you.

Anael Cavaroc


Hello Anael,

I already addressed this issue somewhat in my respose to you, but I'll reiterate. When you send someone a letter or an e-mail, you have no claims to "copyright"

You decided to send me an unsolicted letter. That letter and its contents are mine to do with as I wish. I went further and clearly stated this policy on my Contact Us page and tell readers to READ the Contact Us page FIRST before sending me an e-mail.

Letters to The Editor
(Want to contact the Editor? Read this first )

It's not really required, but I went the extra step of FOREWARNING people that there is no confidentiality or copyright protection of mail sent to me. Caveat emptor.

I spell out the details on the Contact Us page:


"Confidentiality Notice & Publication of E mails:
If you send information that you feel would be beneficial to our readers or to me personally, but you don't want to be identified as the source, I will respect your wishes. Simply tell me that you don't want to be identified as the source.

On the other hand, if your e-mail (or snail mail, or telephone voice message) is of a derogatory, hostile, lambasting, pontificating, or threatening nature, do not expect that it won't be published on this web site or anywhere else on the Internet along with your name and e-mail address. In other words, if you plan on being negative, merely attaching a statement of privacy or "confidentiality" or "copyright, all rights reserved" is NOT going to stop your E mail from being published -right along with your name and E mail address (For those hate mailers too stupid to know, a confidentiality arrangement, in order to be valid and hold any weight in a legal sense, must be an "agreement" or a "contract" between two or more people. A unilateral "statement of confidentiality" is meaningless). Therefore, if you send nasty mail, choose your words carefully, because I may reprint it. Better yet, don't send negative mail and you'll have nothing to worry about. If you disagree and have a different point of view, that's fine. You can send me your opposing opinions, but don't send me your distemper or ad-homenum barbs because you're going to get it back in spades and find your letter and e-mail address plasted all over the internet. ."


I have done you the courtesy of not publishing your e-mail address despite the negative and derogatory nature of your earlier e-mails to me. If you are ashamed of what you had to say or do not like my responses to you, then DON'T SEND ME YOUR UNSOLICITED OPINIONS when I've already told you up front that I'm going to publish both the contents and the e-mail address of anyone who so chooses to engage in negative criticism.

If you wish to recind or modify your thoughts, I can post those comments to the bottom of your letter, however, threatening me with a "copyright" violation that does not exist is not going to work.

Sincerely, Ken

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