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The NWO and Canada
September 23, 2005

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My name is Helen, I live in Toronto, Canada.

I am currently a webmaster with the web site

I stumbled upon these issues because I had lost my children to child welfare. Luckily I regained my older child. I at first thought that the UN was a big help to mothers and fathers, but now I have come to realize that they are using the conflicts in our country to impose NWO.

The brainwashing of children has been in schools a long time, and I often have to re-educate my daughter. They teach NWO principles and homosexuality to name a few.Imagine an 8 yr old concerned about the worlds problems? All designed for them to later on embrace "peace".

I am glad that the last grade I finished was 8 and I am glad that I am able to discern things without these tactics.

I feel Canada in the next few years will become even more fascist, our birth rate is at an all time low and our society is becoming enslaved with one half working for the other. Many people in the media have told me that they try to air stories of the problems, but producers never allow it. in

In Ontario, there are over 25 thousand kids in care. We are controlled by the research studies/media and the laws are becoming more vague. The NWO movement is becoming successful at convincing us what is best for us. The government makes new laws as knee jerk reactions which make living a life of freedom nearly impossible. I see everything you have written about and I see Canada becoming like Denmark, or Sweden.

I am a Christian as well but found that even in the best of churches evil exists.

We have linked your site to ours and we hope that we can keep each other informed of the happenings and goings on.
Thank you for the information you have provided. It's sad that it continually falls on deaf ears and that we are labeled "conspiracy theorists".


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