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Derailing the Imposter's Communist Freight Train
October 18, 2009

Derailing the Imposter's Communist Freight Train (Oct. 18,2009)

From: Frank K. Ani, Jr. <>
Date: Sunday, October 18, 2009, 8:17 PM

Dear Fellow Patriot:

By now I am sure that a few things have become quite clear to each and every one of you.

Obama is attempting to turn over our sovereignty to the New World Order. In order to do this he had to pass three critical pieces of legislation.

1. Stimulus Package – already passed and is a miserable failure.

2. Health Care Reform – currently trying to pass it.

3. Cap and Trade – getting ready to start passing procedure.

Here is the key point; “Once cap and trade passes Obama and the New Socialist Democratic Party are in position and ready to turn over our Nation’s sovereignty to the New World Order.”


Recently I have read posts on some Patriot websites about fellow Patriots getting tired of the fight and fellow Patriots not participating anymore like they should.

If you have any doubt what so ever just why you are fighting take a look at your kids, grand children, great grand children, your mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, aunts, uncles, everyone over 65 years of age and KNOW THIS; they will soon become socialist slaves or too old to be worth saving either way they will not know the freedom we did growing up or be able to live a long happy life after the age of 65.

Our seniors have paid their dues for this country so they deserve the best treatment it has to offer.

Get up and get going!

Here is what we will need to do at least once a week begin tomorrow:

1. Fax, email, telephone call your congressional leaders and tell them to vote no to government health care reform.

2. Fax, email, telephone call your congressional leaders and tell them to vote no to government Cap and Trade.

3. Fax, email, telephone call your congressional leaders and tell them to vote no to S -773 cyber Security giving Obama control of the Internet.

4. Contact your Patriot group state leaders and have them contact the American Patriot Resistance and get on our direct email breaking news and critical information updates data base.

We, the American Patriot Commission, are working on some critical projects. We keep everyone currently in our database constantly updated. Many Patriots have sent us vital information that has proven to be a great help in our fight with the New Socialist Democratic Party.

If we lose the fight do regain our freedom, liberty, and country you will have an eternity to rest.

Kind regards,

Frank K. Ani, Jr., Co-Founder

American Patriot Commission

Tel: 425.253.2242
Fax: 425.749.7428
Cel: 253.592.7488


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