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Obama's Parentage and Nationality
October 11, 2009

Obama's Parentage and Nationality (Oct. 11, 2009)

Subject: Obama
From: Gary
Date: Sun, October 11, 2009
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I read the article about the Obama photograph fixes.

What have I missed about his not having been sired by a Kenyan? Got to know if you have any available information on who that might be.

Any information? Was there an article I missed--but of course. Which?

Thanks, you're doing great.



Hi Gary,

It was completely transparent from the beginning that the Barack Obama candidacy for U.S. president was as contrived and unreal as it can possibly get. NO ONE goes from 'community activist' to 6 year Illinois state senator to 2 year JUNIOR FRESHMAN United States Senator to the U. S. presidency in one unimpeded leap; NO ONE. That's the first thing that entered my mind when this man first announced that he was running. It was obvious that he was selected and would have all the money and publicity machinery needed to sell him to the gullible, liberal, "progressives" in this country, who will buy into ANYTHING just as long as that "anything" is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. .

It also became quickly evident when he kicked off his primary run that he could not PROVE that he was born in the USA by producing a birth certificate. The same sort of birth certificate which you or I have to produce to obtain a passport or driver's licence. The type of CERTIFIED document that includes your parents' names, the hospital where you were born, the attending physician who delivered you, your footprint, your weight, and be SIGNED by said physician and have the hospital's SEAL on the document. And not this absolutely worthless nonsense we get from the state of Hawaii in which someone can walk into their health department office, and simply CLAIM they are a relative or the parent of baby "x" , and be given a "certificate" that claims to represent the legal equivalent of a traditional birth certificate as described above! That's outrageous and an OPEN INVITATION to commit fraud. The citizens of Hawaii need to remove their lying, NWO sell-out governor and those cowardly bureaucrats in the health department playing deaf and dumb about Obama's birth "records" - which DON'T exist.

Don Nicoloff has done the best research to date on Obama's background and has ventilated this issue in his The Three Stooges Go to Washington series of articles. Here are some major points;

1. Barack Obama Sr of Kenya was not Obama's biological father, and Stanley Ann Dunham was not Obama's biological mother. Stanley Ann, her mother Madeline, and her so-called father, Stanley Armor Dunham, were ALL Rockefeller-controlled covert agents working for the CIA. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that Barack Obama Sr and Barack Obama Jr BEAR NO PHYSICAL RESEMBLENCE to each other. The photos posted to the internet during the year leading up to the election showing young Barack in school in Hawaii, with his white grandparents in Central Park, with his black "relatives" in Kenya, etc., etc., were FAKED using Photoshop or a similar photo editing program. These are the photos you are referring to as being 'fixed'. Don Nicoloff has pointed out in his Three Stooges series that the many anomalies, incongruities, and botched artifacts seen in these photos, PROVE they are forgeries that were assembled from separate photographs. .

2. Barack Obama Jr, or more accurately, Barry Soetoro, was born in Indonesia; specifically on the island of Bali, Indonesia in the city of Denpasar. Don Nicoloff psychically picked up that Obama was born in Indonesia-and said so- from early 2007 forward. I have it on tape. It was confirmed by General Jeremiah that Obama was born in Denpasar, Bali when he called into Don Nicoloff's radio show on July 28, 2009. Don Nicoloff also said in early 2007 that Obama's lip color and skin tone were more characteristic of the Melucan race, which is a person of mixed blood, but of Turkish genetic origin, and NOT African genetic origin. Obama's SCHOOL RECORDS from indonesia state that he's an Indonesian citizen and he had an Indonesian passport when he went to Pakistan in 1981. Imposter Obama is an Indonesian national whose only LEGAL name -to date- is Barry Soetoro.

3. Don Nicoloff has put forward a THEORY that Michael Rockefeller, son of Nelson Rockefeller, may be the genetic father of Imposter Obama. I'm more than willing to accept the idea that Michael's "death" in 1961 was faked, as there is plenty of evidence which points in that direction. Whether's he's the genetic father of Obama, I don't know, but it's worth examining more closely. If the father was white, then who is the dark skinned mother? No one knows for sure, but it's a possibility that Imposter Obama is not a result of normal reproductive processes. He might be a test tube "assembly" zygote that was inserted into the womb of a woman to complete the gestation and fetus growth process. If we open up this possibility, then it's entirely possible that Don's SECOND theory, that Imposter Obama's genetic makeup MAY include the DNA of the SISTER of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, Arsinoe, may be on target. I really don't know, but the Imposter's recent visit to Egypt and newspapers allusions to the "pharaoh" look-alike appearance should not be dismissed out of hand. The Illuminati LOVE to put the truth of what they are doing out in plain sight and STILL have the 'goyim' succumb to their misdirection and propaganda. It thrills them to no END to think that they are TELLING US exactly what they are doing to us, yet we are too STUPID to see it and continue accept their media spin as reality.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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