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Video Highlights Obama's Ineligibility to be President

Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor
July 3, 2011

Video Highlights Obama's Ineligibility to be President (July 3, 2011)

(Forward by Keith Howe)

This video is narrated by a man calling himself Pastor Carl Gallups of Florida. He has a Friday show on AM radio in northern Florida. I'd like to point out that a House Joint Resolution is not law, but rather a statement. You cannot change the US Constitution with a House Joint Resolution; that takes a constitutional convention. Parlor Gallups supportive statement about McCain being eligible to run fro President is untrue. McCain was not born on US soil as his phony bio has him being born in a hospital in the Panama Canal seven years before the hospital was even built-as shown by Don Nicoloff in his expose article about John McCain and his phony family history.

Ken Adachi


Uploaded by ppsimmons on Jul 1, 2011


SEE THE World Net Daily story ABOUT THIS VIDEO - Here!

Hear Carl Gallups (Narrator of this video) on Live talk radio on NW FL's TALK RADIO - 1330 WEBY AM - broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast - every Friday afternoon -

Every Friday 4-6 PM CT.



I am NOT the "original discoverer" of this information. I found it on several blogs, posts and internet sites. I did my own research to confirm the information that I was reading. I found all the materials and the congressional reports on each HJR - myself. I created the video and drew my own conclusions and created the ending synopsis. The video work and compilation is my product. I do not want to give the impression, though, that I "discovered" this information without help from other's hard work. I have no idea who FIRST made these startling discoveries. As far as I know to date - this is the first VIDEO presentation made of this information.

Pastor Carl Gallups


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mistergarth 14 hours ago

@mistergarth - SORRY but you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. We have several videos with all the facts. Actually there has NEVER been a definition of natural born citizen that DID NOT require both parents be citizens. There HAVE been NBC definitions that did not require to be born on American soil - but NEVER a decision that both parents did not have to be citizens at the time of birth. I think you are confusing the definition of CITIZEN and NATURAL BORN citizen.  BTW - Say "birther" again and BLOCK
ppsimmons 13 hours ago 4

Just added to homepage featured video
ConspiracyNation 22 hours ago 3

@ConspiracyNation - Thank you!
ppsimmons 21 hours ago

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What the hell do you all think Obama meant when he said he wanted to fundamentally change this country during the elections? You think the Liberals control the Democatic Party? Think again fools! The Progressives control the Democratic party, and are nothing more than a collection of Marxist, Socialist & Radical Ideologues in our government. In fact Progressive's are in both political parties doing the Cloward & Piven shuffle on this country with the help of the paid off main stream media!
mexikong00 6 hours ago 8

@npaladin2000 - This does NOT address NATURAL BORN - it only addresses "citizenship" There is a HUGE difference.
ppsimmons 23 hours ago 8

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The constitution states "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;" Nothing in there about both parents being citizens. Birthers, give it up Obama is a U.S. citizen. We can vote him out of office November 2012. Spend your time working on the election and not his citizenship
z2153 20 minutes ago

It was said, the democrate party appeals to the most ignorant voter. Now I know it's true
trickykwoo2 46 minutes ago

Mass media breeds mass deception. WHO own and control the media--and even own Google, YouTube, WorldNetDaily, sit at the helm of FCC--all point to the same criminal network. We are conditioned not to criticize them.

ReDiscover911 dot COM and the Pandora's box is opened.

We will succeed to the degree that we confront and expose pure evil.

All together now!

whole2th 1 hour ago

barry hussein odumbo is a lying criminal fraud of a muslim usurper-in-chief. barry is neither black or white, he is a malutto and he has trouble dealing with that fact since barry hates white people and rich people. he wants to take your money and redistribute it to the lazy people who can work but won't work. he is a egotistical narcissistic half breed who has never help a job. barry disrespects the Rule of Law and the Constitution and uses it to blow his nose and wipe his stinkin butt.
annagsalerno 1 hour ago

@ppsimmons You Liberals and car salesman have 1 thing in common. If your lips are moving you are lying.
swright712 1 hour ago

great, but who fail to point out who controls congress and puts these little minions up to this.
cdimmm 2 hours ago


Why would Republicans do anything to make Schwarzenegger eligible to run for president? There never was a time when he would have been likely to win a national election. Schwarzenegger is a California liberal. Republicans don't want him in the white house.
qpwillie 2 hours ago 2

@walterkeathley are you retarded?

Garytgsr 3 hours ago

A must Watch and More Importantly, Listen and Heed. Wake up America, we have an Illegal Alien As POTUS. Maybe that is why Obama wants so despertely to give Citizenship to tens of millions of Illegal Invaders who are now Trespassing in the USA and in your very own Neighborhoods.
SuperGreyhawk 4 hours ago 4


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