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October is "Wild Fire" Month in California
October 11, 2008

October is "Wild Fire" Month in California (Oct. 11, 2008)

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From: Keith
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008
Subject: Napa fire


Hi Ken,

It’s 9:08 P.M. on 10-10-08 and I just watched the 9:00 News on T.V. 20 Cable 13, KOFU, in the S.F. Bay Area, as they showed footage of the fire in Napa Valley. Last night on the same channel 9:00 news I watched as they predicted a High Winds advisory and High Fire alert in Northern California through Saturday.

You and I both know how they knew this would occur, because it was planned and created. I told many people today that winds and fire(s) would be started in California today and sure enough, voila. The news report said a car in high grass ignited the fire ?

They love to brag about what they are about to do, as when FEMA predicted 911 (the day before) and Katrina. Also with the Wallstreet Bank Robbery they need all the distractions they can get. I almost e-mailed you last night to tell you about this but I decided to wait and see. There were unusual cloud formations and cold wind in San Jose today. Last night on the news they showed cold air and currents slithering down the California coast in the form of a snake, instead of the usual cloud formations. Also I video taped another AC130 gunship flying over San Jose on 10-08-08 at 1:05 P.M. Also saw 2 more on 10-04-08 at 3:11 and 3:21 P.M. I’ll send more info as it unfolds.

San Jose


Hi Keith,

We're on the same wave length. I also heard on the radio the high wind advisory and the "wild fires" warning and I'm thinking the same as you.

You recall that it was also October of last year when they sparked up thier Califronia 2007 "wild fires"

I'll post your note. Keep me posted.

Best, Ken

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