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Ohio Mental Hospitals & Dark Side Cops Betray Citizens with Secret Technology
December 27, 2011

Ohio Mental Hospitals & Dark Side Cops Betray Citizens with Secret Technology (Dec. 27, 2011)

Subject: ohio extermination program
Date: Tue, December 27, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken Adachi,

For over 20 years, an organization in Ohio has been researching and using technology that enables them to see and talk to people from a central location without visible equipment.

This technology has been kept secret from the general public. Only a handfull of people, including police, have known about it.

It's said that now, as of 2012, nearly all police, firefighters and medical professionals in Columbus, Ohio are aware of it. Most cops in the rest of the state along with Indiana, are also aware. Maybe some doctors and nurses are in fear for their own safety and that of their families while the police and mental health professionals seem to have been advanced to their position because of their willingness to work with this organization.

Please read


Subject: defective link embedded in artcle
From: Tim Hicks
Date: Thu, December 29, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

This article has embedded a link which only searches your site. I used that address and added the www. prefix to it and it worked. Ohio Mental Hospitals & Dark Side Cops Betray Citizens with Secret Technology (Dec. 27, 2011) bad link: this worked:

This working link leads to a page of postings written in poor fashion, but full of a plea for action against the author's perception of a mystical weaponized system used against the citizenry. The writings are legitimate, but the perceptions are skewed. He/she is a victim of psytronic torture. Theirs is the best guess they can muster under the stress of their situation. Their observations are real and accurate, but the theory
about the whole of the police department of Columbus, Ohio, being aware of or the use of such a system is unworkable. I've no doubt such a variation of the technology spoken of by A. True Ott is being used, ,but that
the numbers of users are limited to about 20 / 25% of the force. The dirtiest of the dirty.

Blessings, Tim


Subject: Ken Adachi, what are you thinking - or have you stopped thinking?
From: "ooblahdah" <>
Date: Thu, December 29, 2011 9:36 pm
To: Adachi, Ken
Cc: "Castle, Mike" <> (more)

I live in Central Ohio.

This post contains absolutely nothing that can be verified.

Why would you post something so outrageous from an 'anonymous' with no way of verifying it? Are you naive enough to think that Ohio has
absolutely no paranoid schizophrenics? Wake the bleep up . . . we have our share.

Well, thats it for me Ken Adachi, I no longer consider you a reliable source of info.

AntiCorruption Society



Sorry, I can't recall your first name at the moment, but I know that we have e-mailed a few times before. I think you told me that you were (or are) a nurse.

In the past, you seemed to come across as a sincere person who is trying to do the right thing and I know you want to help. You have sent me letters or articles in the past which you wanted me to post for you and I did. At the very least, I think I deserve a tad more respect from you than the impudence and surliness expressed in this e-mail, considering that I took the time to reply to you --POLITELY-- on a number of occasions.

Based on your past e-mails to me, I could see that your heart is in the right place, but you have substantial gaps in you knowledge base about what's really taking place, especially with regards to covert, secret programs--run out of hospitals, both ordinary hospitals and ESPECIALLY mental hospitals-- and you make assumptions and presumptions based on what you think is the real deal, but what you know and what I know are two different things.

I have recordings going back to 1992 with Al Bielek explaining how the NWO gang uses many hospitals to PROGRAM people with mind control, especially hospitals who have any sort of connection to the federal government, whether through funding or direct control like VA hospitals. Of course, hospitals can also be used to kill off targeted individuals and make it look like it's a consequence of an ordinary operation from which the patient "accidentally" died. And that's why Al Bielek to his last moment of life adamantly refused to allow anyone to take him to a hospital because he knew what the potential could have been.

If you read Brice Taylor's 1999 book Thanks for the Memories, you would have learned how extensively that UCLA medical center was used to program victims of MK Ultra, CIA mind control.

The person who sent me the link had something that he wanted known and I posted his link. If you don't wish to accept what he wrote as real, that's your right, but the info he talks about fits with what I've heard and read from many people who have been victimized in this way. The use of secret psychotronic technology by police against targeted individuals is not news to the people who are being victimized by that technology. And if the day ever comes that YOU are targeted in this manner, I guarantee you that your naive presumptions and skepticism will evaporate in a millisecond.

I have both articles and letters on my Mind Control page that gets into the very topic that this guy refers to. His writing is not well done and his info is very limited, but he's disturbed by things he has observed and feels compelled to write about it. So I put up a link to his articles and now suddenly I have no credibility in your eyes? Are you kidding me?

I didn't initiate contact with you, "AL", you contacted me. Remember? I've never asked for your approval or acceptance of anything that's posted on my web site so who the hell are you to send me a BS letter like this?

I noticed that I had all the credibility in the world to post YOUR letters, articles and links when you wanted me to do that, but not this guy, huh?

I've got news for you sister, you're in the dark about a lot of things which this moronic letter makes more than abundantly clear.

"paranoid schizophrenics?" You've got some nerve.

And suddenly an "anonymous" posting is a Big Deal in your eyes when you, yourself, have been concealing your identity since you started your web site. Give me a break, "AL"

I don't need your approval for what I post on my site, you half baked twit. You're about as pedestrian as you can possibly get and you talk to me like you're on the cutting edge.

I won't miss you, I promise (and you can cc. that to Mike Castle as well)

Sayonara, Ken Adachi

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