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The Fabricated Oil 'Crisis'

[Editor's Note I've mentioned in various articles Lindsey Williams' discovery in the early 1970s that the American oil barons were planning on raising the price of gasoline to about $5 per barrel starting around 2006 or 2007. They planned on doing this in the early 1970s while building the Alaskan oil pipeline. Lindsey sat in on their board meetings in Alaska for nearly 3 years. Lindsey also was there when the oil executives were jumping with joy when they discovered more oil under Gull Island in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, than there exists in all of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran combined. Of course , you haven't heard a word about that from mainstream media, have you? 

If case you haven't been paying attention, the oil "energy crisis", along with Amy Goodman's/Michael Ruppert's Peak Oil Put-on and Al Gore's Global Warming fantasy are all contrived deceptions designed to put you into the New World Order straight jacket with YOU footing the price-gouging bill of course, while Illuminated Elites grow fatter and fatter on your labor and hard earned money. The videos linked below are well worth watching...Ken]
March 31, 2008

The Fabricated Oil 'Crisis' (March 31, 2008)

Subject: Non-Oil Crisis
From: Conway Behling
Date: Mon, March 31, 2008
To:   Editor

Good Morning Ken,

Over the week-end I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Lindsey Williams. Actually it is a single speach/lecture broken into 8 parts. It is a compelling video, in my opinion, and though I have been digging into this stuff for years, and am a regular visitor to your site, the first hand information he presents rings true, and "fills in a lot of the blanks", for me. I hadn't noticed any reference to this on your site, although googling did find one on the site. It is very pertinent to the current actions of today in Iraq (and regretabley, probably soon in Iran).

His knowledge was gained by spending 3 years at the North Slope Alaskan Oil fields, sitting in on board meetings and 'rubbing shoulders' with the top echelons of the oil industry. He states that there is enough oil in the one Alaskan oil field to supply the entire US for the next 200 years; and that they are pumping back into the ground 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas each 24 hours, that comes up with the oil. It would seem that the only energy "shortage" is the one that is created by TPTB, and that this country could easily be energy independent if the truth were told.

There are many other economical and political aspects that are explained here, and I beleive worth taking a look at..

The links are copied below, although all one needs to do is click on the first one, and the others come up on the Tube site









Keep up the good work Ken. I appreciate what you provide on your site.


Conway Behling


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