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One Question
September 8, 2006

Subject: one question
Date: Fri, September 8, 2006 10:09 am
To: Editor

Ken Adachi

Well, I just got done reading the rest of this page, it's pretty intense. so if my letter does eventually find you, great. Here's the thing Ken, who are you? You, and the people who send articles in, make a lot of bold accusations and claims in this stuff.

I mean, I won't lie, a lot of it is convincing to me, and I'm very interested, almost frighteningly interested. It makes me kind of freaked out why I find myself being exposed to information like this when the majority of people are not, and if they are, they don't respond as I do. So basically, I guess I just want to know where you get your information, how you know it's legit and not just bs. Anyway, that's my question. if you get this



Hi Megan,

Everything I write about is openly available in books, articles, videos, etc. I almost always include a reference to the books or articles where I get my information from. It's a matter of educating yourself and paying attention to the details of the trailer truck load of lies that we are deluged with daily.

The American people have been the victims of a British-instigated Propaganda War that was initiated in earnest in 1946 and relatively few understand how they have been conditioned to believe certain things by the intense propaganda and psychological warfare that has been directed against them.

You need to learn how to distinguish between propaganda and reality. A knowledge of history is an important asset in this regard.

Most American people have been conditioned by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (headquartered in London) to accept and believe a range of "opinions" or postulates that have been fabricated for them and subconsciously "installed".

You can read how this is accomplished in a recently published book by Dr. John Coleman, titled, "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of The United States of America".

This book has impressed me more than any other book I've ever read on the subject. Before reading this book, I thought that Dr Coleman's "Conspiracy Hierarchy, The Committee of 300" was the crowning masterpeice of his writing career. I was wrong. This book exceeds the Committee by a wide margin-and that's saying something.

Once you understand how the deception (and mind set) has been layered in at every strata of society and with every group within our society, you can then more clearly see how the internal stress is created and you will no longer be bewildered by the inaction or denseness of others in this regard. The Tavistock puppeteers have been using a technique perfected by Tavistock director Major General John Rawlings Reese and Dr. Kurt K. Lewin called "inner directional conditioning" and "long range penetration".

I haven't posted the info on my web site yet, but I will offer the new Tavistock book by Dr. John Coleman at a 13% discount off the cover price ($23). The book runs to 286 pages.

If interested, send a donation of $20 + $5 Priority shipping ($25) and I'll send you the book. See the Products page for details on how to donate.

Regards, Ken

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