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Orgone Accumulator v. Orgone Generator
June 5, 2011

Orgone Accumulator v. Orgone Generator (June 5, 2011)

Subject: Hello Ken
From: Mike W
Date: Sat, June 4, 2011
To:Ken Adachi

I've been introduced to Orgone Energy recently,through James Demeo's work, and when I was floating around the internet, looking for a map of GWEN towers, I noticed that you had mentioned OR. I was curious about the orgone energy generators. I just recently bought a book describing how to make accumulators in various shapes and I was curious if the generators actually generate orgone energy or accumulate the OR and then diffuse it in to the area.

So I would like to know more in general about the uses of OR since you seem to have"real-world" experience, any information you might have would be helpful.


Mike W


Hi Mike,

There are many articles on my web site about orgone generators. This first one was posted in January 2002. This one explains what an orgone generator is and how to make them, including the large version called a chembuster.

More orgone generators can be seen here:

The orgone accumulator is Reich's design. It captures atmospheric orgone and holds it in a box made of wood and lined with iron sheeting.

The orgone generator we talk about can generate some sort of orgone field and it also transmute negative polarity orgone into positive polarity orgone, something which Reich did not develop himeself, but he talked about the principle in his writings.

James DeMeo, you should know, is a big critic and naysayer of orgone generators (and Don Croft), and has been from the beginning. Don't expect to get a lot of encouragement from him in this area.

Regards, Ken

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