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Orgone Accumulators versus Orgone Generators
January 31, 2009

Orgone Accumulators versus Orgone Generators (Jan. 31, 2009)

Subject: Orgone accumulators vs orgone generators
From: Kody
Date: Fri, January 30, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Namaste ken,

I received the orgone gifts a few days ago, and they are great! I thank you so much for throwing in the 3 extra muffin TBs. You can be sure i am putting them to good use. I am going to start making my own TBs,HHgs, and chembusters to start gifting around my Town and it's middle school and highschool. We have quite a small community here, so it shouldn’t be hard to gift the hell out of this place.

There is a question i have though. i was led to from your website and started reading around on it a little. The guy running the
website says that there are many people around selling orgonite orgone generators that are really nothing more than fancy orgone accumulators.

He says that there is another factor that must be added to truly make it put out more orgone than it takes in. I am pretty sure he said something about shifting two magnetic fields of opposite polarity back and forth to, in turn, shift the orgone fields to generate new orgone. How is this done in your orgone generators?

Also, I have been trying to understand magnetism’s, and gravity’s role in metaphysics and spirituality on a scientific level for a while now, and I would like to know what orgone’s relationship is with magnetism.

Thanks for any and all help,



Hi Kody,

I do not recommend or approve of Karl Weltz. He's been trying to take credit for the entire orgone movement, which was pioneered by Don & Carol Croft, and place the glory on his own shoulders, instead of where it rightly belongs, on Don and Carol Croft's shoulders. Don got the inspiration to make the chembuster and other expressions of orgone generators by observing that Karl had deposited a mixture of fiberglass resin and metal shavings inside his radionic boxes (and charged a FORTUNE for them)

At the time, Karl used the term orgone generator on his web site, but he did not explain to readers EXACTLY what the orgone generator was or what it consisted of. He also told his customers that he would void the guarantee of anyone who opened up his radionic boxes to take a look inside.

Karl's intention was to capitalize financially (and to keep to himself) information that was already stated in the books of Wilhelm Reich, long before Karl showed up in America from his native Austria. He then had the audacity to claim that he INVENTED the orgone generator, which is patently untrue. He got the idea from the writings of Wilhelm Reich.

The term orgone accumulator was coined by Wilhelm Reich and it refers to a hard container (usually a box) or a soft container (sleeping bag or blanket) that has at least one layer of organic material and one layer of iron based material, such as thin iron panels or something flexible like steel wool.

When you make a 6 sided box out of wood and line the inner walls with thin iron sheets, you have an orgone accumulator that will capture orgone energy and concentrate that energy inside that box (or other container).

The orgone generator is somewhat different in that you mix a crystalline form of organic material (fiberglass resin) with metal shavings (and crystals) and that mixture, when hardened, will radiate a "OR" orgone field around it. It will also transmute a DOR dominant orgone field into the "OR" polarity of orgone energy.

The orgone accumulator ACCUMULATES orgone energy within the empty space of the container, while the orgone generator TRANSMUTE surrounding DOR orgone into OR orgone energy.

I'm glad you like the stuff I sent.

Regards, Ken

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