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How to Make Orgone Energy Blankets
April 12, 2010

How to Make Orgone Energy Blankets (April 12, 2010)

Subject: Orgone Energy Blankets
From: Deb N
Date: Mon, April 12, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

I am an adept seamstress and want to make my own Orgone Energy Blanket. I have found the products needed but have not been able to find the instructions to make the blanket. I have tried the web, searched for books/booklets, etc, but to no avail. Would you possibly know where to direct me for that?

I appreciate your time,

Deb N


Hi Deb,

It's not difficult. You layer steel wool on the inside (closest to the body) with a layer of cotton batting on the opposite side of the steel wool (farther from the body) . You can build up more than one layer of this combination. Then you enclose the steel wool/cotton batting layers inside a covering (ticking) that holds it all together. Use one color on the inside covering to indicate the inner side of the blanket and use another color to indicate the outside of the blanket.

The idea is to have the steel wool layer closest to the body for it to work correctly.

Regards, Ken

PS. You could also try IRON screening in place of the steel wool (not zinc plated iron screening) --if you can find it anywhere (unlikely),

Reader Comments

Subject: re: orgone energy blankets
From: Marco
Date: Thu, April 15, 2010


I've never worked with orgone blankets (though I do work with orgonite), but it has been said that orgone blankets and accumulators, traditional Reichian technology, will attract deadly orgone (DOR) and positive orgone indiscriminately. What that means is, if the blanket or accumulator is near a source of DOR, the DOR will be accumulated and can cause harm to a user. Of course, a piece of orgonite nearby will convert any DOR into POR.

I just thought it might be prudent to bring that up.



Hi Marco,

I haven't worked with orgone blankets either, so you might be right.  It sounds logical. That's what Reich's Oranur Experiment was all about. I do know that the square corners of a box-shaped orgone accumulator will cause DOR to form in the corners due to the spiral nature of the KW wave. Peter Lindemann mentioned that to me many years ago. A blanket around a living being would tend to attract OR orgone towards itself since orgone is attracted from a source of lower concentration (the atmospheric ether) to a source of higher concentration (the living human or animal). It would be interesting to see what you get by keeping an orgone generator under the blanket with you. Of course, the vibes of the person who makes the orgone generator can also effect the type of energy it puts out. There is at least one individual who claims to be anointed by "God" to be the Grand Kahuna of orgone generators who is, in fact, contaminating her stuff with negative vibes which some people have reported to me.

Perhaps I'll get more feedback from orgone blanket owners and we can get a clearer picture. Personally, I would have no fear of using an orgone blanket. I'd like to see what effects they can produce.

Kind Regards, Ken

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