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Orgone Generators, Orgone Accumulators, and Karl Welz
October 12, 2009

Orgone Generators, Orgone Accumulators, and Karl Welz (Oct. 12, 2009)

Subject: Protective Pendants important question
From: Max
Date: Mon, October 12, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Good day to you, Ken!

First of all - excuse my poor English - it is not my native language. And sorry for possible multiple letters - this form doesnt send letters right...

You have a Great site that opened my eyes on some interesting subjects. Being introduced to the orgone energy, i started to search the internet for more information. Having found a lot of sources, some questions aroused. Would you be so kind to answer them?

I'm currently interested in Orgone Protective Pendants. But the principle of their work is not clearly understood from the description on the site.

On page you write that these pendants are actually "generators" and not "accumulators" as i thought firsthand. Can you please explain how can they be "generators" without pulsing current through it?

I'll explain my misunderstanding.

On Karl Hans Welz's (I believe this is the man you regard as "A developer of Radionic devices" on the "Orgone Generators" page) site - he claims, that Only pulsed current orgone generators can transform DOR into POR, and everything else that doesnt involve pulsing a current through it is an accumulator and thus cannot make that transformation.

So, how do the pendants generate (and not just accumulate) the POR ? And where does the DOR go ? Is it attracted to the orgonite same as POR ?

Waiting anxiously for your answer,



Hi Max,

Karl is a self serving individual who is more interested in promoting himself and expanding his bank account than he is in serving humanity, in my opinion. He's been making a pain of himself ever since Don Croft started the chembuster movement in late 2001 by claiming that he alone is the "inventor" of orgone generators. He's been working through a proxy in Canada who wants people to think he's a lawyer in an attempt to intimidate anyone else who even uses the term "orgonite" (which Karl may have coined) or "orgone generator" (which Karl did NOT coin) on their web site.

Karl, an Austrian, did not invent anything, including radionics. Karl utilized the information provided by Wilhelm Reich (also an Austrian) in his books. Reich said that if you placed an organic substance (a hydrocarbon) such as wood next to metal, the metal initially attracts orgone energy and then repels it immediately.into the surrounding area. The wood absorbs the orgone energy and then radiates it into the area adjacent to it. Reich made a box out of wood and lined the inside with thin iron sheet metal. This was called an orgone accumulator as the concentration of orgone energy inside the box intensified from the orgone found outside of the box. Another type of orgone accumulator is made by altering layers of steel wool (metal) with cotton batting (organic) and stitching the whole thing together with a cloth covering on the top and bottom and use it as a blanket.

Don Croft examined one of Karl's over priced radionic boxes which he had sold to someone for $500 and discovered that inside the box was a small amount of fiberglass resin mixed with metal shavings, and not much else in the way of electronics.. Don added this same resin/metal mixture to the inside of his Terminator box and his wife noticed that his aura jumped out a few feet when he touched the box to his body. Don and Carol got the idea of adding special crystals to the mix to add the vibes of crystal healing. Don later wrapped a large quartz crystal in a mobius coil and pulsed it with the same waveform produced by the Terminator. He called that a Succor Punch (SP) crystal. He adopted a variation in which he partially embedded the bottom of the crystal with the resin/metal mixture and later enclosed most of the crystal with resin/metal and called it a Powerwand. He filled a 2 gallon bucket with the resin/metal mix and stuck in 6 copper pipes with a crystal in each pipe and called that a "cloud buster". I changed the name to a "chembusters" when I published an article over viewing Don's discovery in January 2002 titled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies, as the chembuster functions in a different manner than Wilhelm Reich's 1950s 'invention called a "cloud buster". .

When discussing the chembuster, the "orgone generator" part comes from the idea that the pipes act as wave guides drawing in ambient negative DOR orgone energy and TRANSMUTING it into the positive polarity of orgone, called "OR" or "POR" and re-radiating this OR energy into the environment This transmutation process does not require coils with an electrical current running through them. I called this type of device a "passive" orgone generator. The evidence of this transmutation process was seen in the huge blue hole punched through an overcast sky of chemtrails when the chembuster was FIRST being deployed in 2002.

The SP crystal or the Powerwand is an example of an "active" orgone generator in which the mobius coil wrapped around the crystal is pulsed with a 15 Hz square wave current. This definitely produces a more powerful energy than the passive orgone generator. However, that is not to say the the passive device produces no transmutation of DOR, it does, It's just a smaller radius of influence, depending on the SIZE of the generator (the blue aura of orgone energy can be seen on Kirlian photography when photographing a passive orgone generator).

The OPP pendant is STILL an orgone generator, despite its small size and STILL transmute DOR into OR and is directly influencing the heart chakra over which it sits. The crystals and coils inside the pendant INTENSIFY the action and TAILOR the energy to fit a certain goal. You wouldn't be reading all of the testimonials which are seen on that page if the pendant didn't work, now would you?

DOR energy is CHANGED into the positive polarity of orgone energy (which is all around us). It doesn't "go" anywhere, it just changes into a different polarity that is life enhancing, rather than degenerative.

Regards, Ken


-----Original Message-----
From: Max B
Sent: Oct 13, 2009
To: ken Adachi
Subject: Re: Protective Pendants important question

Hello, Ken.

Thanks for your interesting answer, but I still have some things to be clarified.
Don't take me as a person that doesn't believe you or something - I just want to understand the whole process of transformation in details.

So, let's take a look at a basic metal/resin matrix (without any crystals and tubes) .
First step - metal attracts Orgone energy. Ambient positive AND negative (just two different polarities of the same energy), right ? Or just positive ? Which metal is the best for this ? I've read somewhere, that it's not advised to use aluminum, what's your opinion on this ? If DOR is attracted, so in order to get to the metal it gets through the resin and is accumulated there ?
Next step - the energy was attracted to the metal, now it is being repelled. Is this the step, where DOR attracted (if any) is turned into POR ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Max,

I'll respond to these questions, but I can't have a running dialog on this. I don't have the time for that. This info has been discussed ad nauseam on the orgone blogs which you can find the archives of if you search.

If you want to understand the nature of orgone energy, READ THE BOOKS OF WILHELM REICH.

For the CB or any orgone generator, any metal is OK including aluminum. For an orgone accumulator of the type Reich built intended for humans to sit in, then we only use iron sheeting as the iron is found in hemoglobin and is compatible with the body.

Aluminum is lighter and for atmospheric work is perfectly OK. We use titanium and other special metals for pendants since they affect the chakras. For room HHGs, TBs, any metal is fine.

The fiberglass resin is a SOLID crystalline hydrocarbon which absorbs the orgone and re-radiates it to the surrounding area. It appears to transmute DOR into OR.

DOR is normally found in highly polluted areas (where you are exploding, expanding or DESTROYING something) or where negative activity is taking place such as murders, satanic sacrifice, or other destructive behavior. Smog is an example of accumulated DOR energy. DOR is highly concentrated around a nuclear reactor, for instance.

Orgone can manifest in the 3rd dimension, but it starts at a higher dimension, probably the 5th. So you see a mix of 3rd and 4th dimension attributes with orgone. Ether physics is entirely different and usually shows opposite attributes compared to 3D physics.

You're thinking is based on 3D physics. Read Reich's books to learn more

Regards, Ken


Subject: Croft "Chembuster"
From: Glenn
Date: Thu, October 15, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

I have one in my backyard. When I first purchased it, I noticed that chemtrails seemed to disappear straight overhead where it was pointing, but could still be seen near the horizon & sometimes near both horizons as if the chembuster was concentrating its affect more strongly directly above it than at either horizon.

I also, noticed when there were few clouds in the sky, they seemed at times to form a wispy spiral pattern around the center of where the chembuster was pointing (straight up in this case). Friends claimed that it seemed to be raining more near my home than the surrounding country side. I haven't noticed it breaking up any clouds nor have I noticed it attracting clouds either.

I have no doubt Don Croft is sincere.


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