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Orgone Generators, Teen Self-Mutilation, & Overly-Bright Traffic Lights
April 4, 2005

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From: Sherene
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 11:31 PM
Subject: Hi Ken

Hi Ken,

I have recently introduced myself to Don Croft as a "Newbie". Don graciously spent some of his own time in answering my emails and led me to this site. Thanks Don. We were supposed to be moving North on the first of this month and have found ourselves delayed for a month, so I turned the phone and net back on to read more. Anyway, upon reading the mail from others to you, I felt compelled to write an answer to the lady who wrote about teenage self-mutilation. My own daughter admitted to me at the age of 15 that she was cutting. When I saw her wounds I cried like a baby. What a shock and horror that was. We tried everything to help her, but with the circle of friends she had here, nothing was going right. I immediately grounded her and took all music, cd-players, and posters from her leaving her walls bare. She began spending more time with us and we thought things were going much better. To make a long story short, we acquiesced and let her move to N.Y. with her sister as she asked.

My point is I know what this lady is going through and after an experiment this past week I might have an answer for this lady. Get orgone inside that child's room and outside of the house!!! I have personally been fighting psychotronices for several years and never once thought anyone else in the family was suffering as I was. I never asked my daughter if she was experiencing weird things. While I was packing my child's bedroom last week, I realized that I couldn't breathe in that room and my head was pounding. My stomach was nauseous and I finally had to give up and leave the room. A few days later I felt better and decided to put some towerbusters in the four corners of the bedroom. A few hours later I went back in the room and sat for a while. What a difference. No headache, no nauseousness, and I could breathe. There was also no buzzing noise in the room anymore.

I had already contributed my daughter's actions solely to her choice in music and her friends. After more intense checking, we found that there was a sudden increase in the self mutilation in this area and many children were involved singularly, and many more were doing it in groups. Do not underestimate that music is in fact a big contributor. Take heed and find ways to get the child focused on other things and away from dark music.

After talking to my daugher about some dreams she had while still here with us, it is now my impression that she was being manipulated by outside sources or should I say downward. It is too bad that I didn't happen upon orgone until after all of this happened to my daughter.

On a different matter, if anyone lives near Malone, NY it would be highly critical to get some orgone placed there. This past year I accompanied a friend there on personal business. Upon turning to head up that mountain, the first thing I noticed was that the green on the traffic lights was so bright that I had to look down at the road as we passed by them. I asked my friend if she had a problem with it, since she was driving. She said that she had to look at the yellow line of the road to pass through. Then, when we passed that military base, it all started to make a little sense.

When we got into Malone we were looking at how quaint the town appeared at night, and as we pulled up to the first stop light, my stomach became violently wracked with convulsions. It felt as if someone had deflated all of the air out of it like a balloon. I have never been so nauseous in my entire life. After the light turned green and we passed through to the Motel 8 on the other side of the intersection, it got a little better, but as we parked in the motel lot, it happened again. That night we had an upper level room and I awoke several times with the same symptoms. I told my friend that we needed to get off the second floor and she got a different room downstairs. That helped alot. I did not know about orgone then or I would not have travelled without it.


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From: Editor
To: Sherene Swanson
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 12:06 AM
Subject: Re: Hi Ken

Hi Sherene,

Great letter, I'll post it.

The mutilation is cult behavior and satanically inspired of course. It can also be a tip off of mind control. If you study mind control, you will find out that victims are PROGRAMMED to cut themselves to stop themselves from REMEMBERING what they experienced while being programmed.

In this case, I know current group presssure among some teens will account for this, but ultimately the influence is satanism. If you read the info at cbswork, you know hwo deeply enmeshed heavy metal and even regular rock bands are with satanism.

Why don't you ask Carol to look at your child and tell you whether she sees anything related to mind control. If they do drugs, there is a decent possibility that something may have happened while in a drugged state. It's happened to many teens that way. Teens are being programmed with Montauk style electronic mind control programming in major cites across the USA every single day. Don calls them MKids. It's very widespread.

The excessive bright green traffic light may be an important observation. I noticed that they changed traffic lights here about 2 years ago to LED style lights that are MUCH brighter than their predecessors. Too bright and unnecessary; glaring and disturbing and I'm asking myself: is something else going on here?

Regards, Ken


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From: Sherene
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 2:24 AM
Subject: Re: Hi Ken

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reply. I didn't feel right about asking Carol to look at anything since I didn't know her. I sincerely want to meet her and Don. As I told Don in my email, I feel extremely compelled to meet them and to help. Understandably Don was hesitant, I would have been too in his shoes. The things you guys have experienced as a whole is so much so to cause you all to be hesitant as to who you allow on the inside. I allowed Carol the opportunity to reach this way with permission if she so felt compelled. My husband wants to see one of the cb's being made so that he can get it straight in his head. He is kind of slow in getting things like that around his brain. Is there anybody around here (Clovis, NM) who could give us a little training? That is what he wants most.

With both kids out of the house we are running on constant free time. I am ready to start the busting/gifting process and am somewhat skeptical of my husbands' ability and tenacity to fight off attacks. I am not sure if he can handle it or not. His is a special situation, ex-Army, hurt his back while stationed in Bosnia (ruptured and bulging lumbar discs) and in constant pain, on painkillers. He has not gotten hooked on the meds, and only takes them when he absolutely has too, but I fear that this could cause us both interference, hence my reluctance to begin. He will not practice on the fighting back and I am unsure if I am strong enough to handle it. I also fear he has mind blocks and alot more implants that must be dealt with also.

He has been using the st. busters button and had his first lucid dream two nights ago. He has not had a dream that he knows of for years and now this. Are they connected? I keep having lucid dreams of people with no faces breaking into our home. Wake up frightened and mad.

I am also reluctant to part with the first batch or tower busters since our home is wonderful to be in. I myself have been beat down so badly with the incidents this past year that I don't know if I can handle it alone or not. I have lost a lot of my faith in my own abilities and have no one to measure with. I am working on that though. I used to be able to do the things your psychics do, but have lost a lot of the faith to accomplish the mission, if it were to come.

I can do the reaching as I call it (remote viewing) and used to be quite good at it. I have used the arch angels to help me in my battles, and can stop the psychotronics with visualiztion. Right now I am angry, angry at those who have targeted me, when my daughter left, our connection seemed to be broken and we helped each other out, then my husband and I both woke up with punch biopsies on our bodies. He was taken while on a road trip to pick me up in Oklahoma. We are in New Mexico. I was taken right out of my own living room. I am pissed that they took me/us, and I am pissed that they took my daughter from me, and I am pissed that they have my dna through those biopsies. I am pissed that they took us without our consent. I know my anger can be utilized, but can his? I don't know.

I have sent a prayer to be united with persons who are like minded and ready to confront this battle. So far I have had one acquaintance bring her son to me so that I could explain things to him. He is definately one of the MK-Kids, without a doubt. He has a tremedous psychic gift but is being targeted non-stop. He is into the dark music, wearing the black clothes, shaved head, loner type. We sent him home with our newly ordered implant killer to see if he could stop the voices being beamed at him and four tb's plus an orgone muffin that we made with a good crystal in it. I guess I really blew his mind, but if he does come out of it a little bit, then I guess I have helped. I didn't know what else I could have done to help him. Should know something this weekend about how things have gone for him since them. I need my prayer answered by others who can help rather than needing such intense help so that I can build myself back up, it will come in time, probably after we get the tb's gifted this week.

Anyway, thanks for writing back to me and thanks for letting me dump on you in this email. I appreciate the ear and advice. We are soon to order a succor punch, a terminator, and some harmonic protectors. I have been using the st. busters button on a regular basis, and am back to using just plain n. magnets for the implants (found another one earlier) since I gave our implant killer away.



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