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Orgone Tools Help Victim of Psychotronic Implant

[Editor's Note: This woman was implanted with a psychotroic chip some years ago and has been electronically harassed by voices in her head and microwave-induced physical discomfort for a number of years. She attempted suicide at least once to get away from the torture. I talked to her on the phone and she said she would write about her experices and I'll post them on this web site. The Powerwand or the larger Succor Punch cyrstal used in conjuction with the specific techniques outlined at this web site seem to help mitigate these psychotronic attacks as the energy is REFLECTED back to the perpetrators. ..Ken Adachi].
February 26, 2007

Subject: Thank You
From: Deborah
Date: Mon, February 26, 2007
To: Editor

Dear Ken,

I received my Terminator, Harmonic Protector, and Succor Punch package in the mail Saturday. I can't believe how much energy I have! I've been wearing the Terminator most of the time and the Harmonic Protector pretty much all the time and have been meditating with the Succor Punch. I can still hear their voices but the microchip just seems to be getting weaker and weaker.

Also, on my way to work yesterday afternoon, the sky was absolutely FULL of Sylphs! I've been looking for them ever since I found your website 2 months ago but I've never seen so many. It was breezy and was just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I hope I don't cause an accident on I-19 looking at the sky, but when I see chemtrails I get pissed off and I've been praying for the Sylphs to help us. Of course, it was really slow last night because of the Oscars ( I don't understand why people care about that crap) so it will take me a couple more days to mail my donation for the Powerwand, but I'm almost there!

Thank you, Deborah

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