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Report From an Orgone Jedi
May 10, 2009

Report From an Orgone Jedi (May 10, 2009)

From: James
To: Editor
Subject: Orgone Protector Pendant
Date: May 10, 2009


I plan on purchasing at least one Orgone Protection Pendant and would like to take you up on your offer to dowse for the most suitable one(s).

Just to briefly let you know, for years I have worn (off and on) a pendant with a similar shape made by Carol Croft, so I am somewhat
familiar with them. My dog also wore one. I have also been actively addressing the poisonous vapors being sprayed in the sky by building the
Croft-designed "cloud buster" positive orgone generators, and making and deploying orgonite pyramids both here and when I lived in Arizona (I
moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2007).

I have been observing the goings-on in our skies since 1998 and been working to help mitigate and eliminate the damage since 2001. I found your website around that time and find it to be very helpful in that regard, as well as enlightening in other areas, some of which I have been interested in for years.

During my efforts with orgone generation, my Arizona land, my dog, and I were attacked several times by entities not of this dimension, but was
fortunate to have some very remarkable allies to counteract those negative attacks. In addition, after I built the first generator, two benign sorcerers showed up (in non-physical form) to see who was involved in the creation of such strong energy. I found that to be very encouraging, although they sat in my truck and my dog refused to get in until I asked them to sit somewhere else.

Because of these encounters, and because it's my nature, I try to keep a low profile and work as anonymously as possible in my efforts to help.

Unfortunately, I am only able to 'sense' what is manifesting in the physical plane and have not been able to consciously interact with any of the entities who are all around and have had to rely on intuition, paying attention to the clues and those remarkable friends to keep me safe and point me in a positive direction.

I could ramble on for a long time about my experiences, but suffice to say that I appreciate all your efforts and hope to hear from you concerning the pendants.

Thank you,


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