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Orgonite Fabricator Reports Relief from Psychic and Psychotronic Attacks
March 21, 2005

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I was able to establish almost a full 5 sides of a box enclosure by setting two hatches upright inside the boat. The bottom of the boat, the two sides of the boat, and the hatches upright in front and in back.

The effect was a very high degree of psychotronic shelter, even with the gaps, even with the top up, so to speak. I think there is every good reason to believe that an orgonite enclosure will give a high degree of psycho-electronic safe space.

Orgonite and Freedom, Orgonite and Health
Robert Dawn 21 Mar 2005 00:15 GMT
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A simple, new substance made of common materials - scrap metal, resin, and a few quartz crystals - may well provide affordable, practical safe havens from psycho-electronic intrusion and unhealthy radiations of all kinds.

It seems more and more likely to me that a sufficient amount of orgonite will convert most psychic and electronic attacks and negativities to positive energies.

As I continue to build my boat I notice a marked recession of negativities of all kinds, and an increased vitality and clarity which combine in a natural, relaxed awareness.

Whether the orgonite has to be just flat or a chamber for maximum effect, I cannot tell, as the cabin is not complete. It is possible even a large solid mass of orgonite might be sufficient.

To anyone adventurous enough to try building an orgonite enclosure, I would definitely recommend using whatever radionic, electromagnetic, and scalar devices you can, or simply positive affirmations, music, group energies, etc. to help impart positive vibrations to the mixture as it cures, as, surprisingly enough, some government agencies and corporate interests may resent individual freedom and health, and try to skunk your efforts. I don't think they will win, however, judging from my own efforts and daily observations.

Boats are built of polyester resin anyway, and scrap metal and a few crystals are cheaper than fiberglass - certainly much less expensive than, and every bit as strong as carbon fiber and kevlar. To the best of my understanding actually, the cost of materials for a wooden boat is about the same as that for the resin, metal and crystals required to make the same boat of orgonite.

The cost of a small boat is about 1/10th of the cost of a small house. It probably could be just as effective to build a little cottage, or even an orgonite room inside of a house or an apartment.

I think orgonite boats will become common, as will special orgonite rooms that people can rent for peace and privacy, or just build themselves, for happiness and peace.



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