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A Conversation with the Overself
April 6, 2010

A Conversation with the Overself (April 7 2010)

Subject: Overself
Date: Tue, April 6, 2010
To:   Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I had an experience two nights ago that I would like to tell you about. I have no friends or family that would understand this much less believe me.
So I am telling you about this because I know that you too have studied Lobsang Rampa's teachings. I have read extensively his writings (but not lately)---

I was [still] awake having just gone to bed. I 'heard' a voice saying "We are keeping it as comfortable as we can". I understood that to mean my physical body. Then what I knew what was my Overself was there and speaking to me--it was ME and yet I was me in that bed. My Overself said that I would not remember anything that was said and did speak to me many sentences and I didn't remember any of it after it was spoken. I just knew that speaking had taken place.

Then it was all over and I got up and I was crying and happy and felt so grateful. Yes that was it, gratitude.

Astonishment--that was ME; and yet here I am right here. I know that I was being checked on--Lately I've had a constant heartbeat thumping in my left neck; and I have been distressed about it. I had asked for help and even though I still have the problem of the noise and thumping I know it's OK--why? Can't seem to find any answers. But if that is what brought on my experience--then it was worth it. I now know it certainly is 'You Forever'.

Thank you for your time.

JoAnne D
Delaware, Ohio


Hi JoAnne,

Great story. Few people get to hear from the Higher Self as directly as that. What an experience!

The thumping in the neck is blood trying to get through an artery where it's being pinched or pressed against by an overly tight neck muscle I would guess. If you relieve that neck tension,  it should go away.

Regards, Ken

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