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Was Sarah Palin 'Wired' During the Debate?
October 3, 2008

Was Sarah Palin 'Wired' During the Debate? (Oct. 11, 2008)

Subject: sarah palin's debate
From: Bill
Date: Fri, October 3, 2008
To: Ken Adachi

Please get this out to your readers, I feel it is important. I apologize, but I will not write my last name out of fear:

For the first 3-5 minutes of the debate along with her hair there was a black wire from behind her ear down to her right shoulder. After about 5 minutes when the camera angle changed, her hair was slightly rearranged and the wire was no longer visible. A few people told me no because a wireless unit could have been used, but a wireless (bluetooth, etc) requires an earpiece. a wired unit could sit on her skull behind the ear. I know this, I am a musician, when in the studio I keep the headset on my skull behind my ears so I hear both the headset & the room sounds.


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