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Pancreatic Cancer
N ovember 26, 2006

Pancreatic Cancer (Nov. 26, 2006)

Subject: Pancreatic Cancer
Date: Nov. 26, 2006
From : Caroline
To: Editor

My first cousin was dx. with pancreatic cancer 2 weeks ago. There are METS [metastasis]. to the liver. She is 49 yrs. old. She had 2 biopsy's of the liver, 10 samples were taken. One sample came back positive for adneocarcinoma (spelled wrong). Can you please help.

Thank-you, Caroline


Hi Caroline,

Pancreatic cancer has a rep for being hard to cure and requires immediate attention.

There is a Dr. Nicholas Gonzales in New York City who specializes in pancreatic cancer. He obtained his info from Dr William Kelly.

Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D., P.C.
Linda L. Isaacs, M.D.
36A East 36th Street, Suite 204
New York, N.Y. 10016
Phone: 212-213-3337
Fax: 212-213-3414

Dr Hulda Clark has 3 books on cancer. You should get all three and study her info intensely.

You can stop cancer cold if you do everything right, Hulda tells you what to do.

She can beat this, but she has to move fast and be extremely METICULOUS in following Hulda's info. She can't afford to cut any corners.

Regards, Ken


Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006
To:   Editor
Subject: for Pancreatic Cancer question and More… is an excellent website for cancer information and focuses on the most potent, stage 4 cancer treatments that can give a fighting chance even to people sent home to die by conventional doctors.

One such treatment discussed is “Amazon Factor Protocol” and costs $280 for 1 month supply (purchased from separate website). In his reply to my question, I was told by the author of the protocol that of the people they’ve monitored (who used the protocol), there were five with pancreatic cancer; all are still living, 2 are cancer free. One of them after 8 month on the protocol. ( I don’t know if the author of said protocol will mind my quoting his replies to my questions, so please if you wish to place this email were all can see it, omit this part. thanks )

Another very potent treatment is cesium chloride (with potassium supplementation a must). A protocol using cesium chloride is explained in detail on the website.( Also, I would highly recommend this website for very enlightening info about different diseases (download his book for free).

For example, check out this superb article “The Cholesterol Myth” at

And also see Jon Barron in this news segment about cancer on Fox. They, of course, edited out the main and most important points that he had made.

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