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Antichrist Found: Confirmed by Pastor Harry & the Bible Codes
July 5, 2008

Antichrist Found: Confirmed by Pastor Harry & the Bible Codes (July 5, 2008)

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To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008
Subject: Antichrist found

To ken adachi,

I highly respect and enjoy your educate yourself site. However here is some info i thought you should know. While in my search for truth i visited a site called satansrapture and discovered its ran by a pastor harry who gets his information heavily from the bible codes ,the new form of info from skip coding found in the bible. And from his investigation the antichrist 666 is found in the code.

It is confirmed by using two languages to prove it.

I found that he is conected to a organization called You can find it easily. on the first page you will find a picture of the antichrist and a caption calling himself the christ. It scared the antichrist right out of me. We have to watch this man. You can easily research this. I believe this to be real.everyone must know this. Please research yourself and post.



Hello Richard,

If you read my web site more thoroughly, you would know that I do not endorse the British Israel hokum that "Pastor Harry" is promoting. The entire "End Times/Armageddon" scenario was CONTRIVED by the Illuminati to suck in yo-yos like Pastor Harry of Philadelphia so he would put up his multi-colored, glaring RED, all-caps, breathless headlines about the Two Raptures, the AntiChrist, 666, etc. etc.

The "Bible Code" is as much a CIA/Illuminati DECEPTION as is the "End Times" hysteria. Michael Drosnin is a disinformation HACK. If you take the time to research what the Hebrew scholars in Israel said at the time that Drosnin came out with his book -- who Drosnin claimed had endorsed his "cracking of the Bible Code" -- they DISAVOWED his so-called "research" about Bible codes. They said that Drosnin exaggerated and AMPLIFIED and FANTASIZED his so-called "research" with them in order to 'fit" the theme of his book.

I don't really give a flying Houdini WHO the Illuminati puts up to play the role of the "AntiChrist". It's not important because the whole "End Times/AntiChrist/Armageddon/Rapture/Tribulations/Ascension" play is a DECEPTION to begin with!

Wake up, will you? You're being played.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2008
Subject: RE: Antichrist found

Thank you very much for the reply. Theres so much going on and everybody has there very strong opinions of who what where. We try to research it all and well you know. Its tough times.

I do know there is something going on and about to happen I can feel it. I dont trust anyone anymore and feel like It will be better when i get my boat and leave people period. I think staying on the ocean for a few years untill everything settles down seems like a good idea.

Thanks very much for the info Im sorry to bother you.



Hi Richard,

You're not bothering me. I'm not saying that there won't be Bad times ahead, I'm just saying that none of it is due to "divine revelations" It's all man-made and has the Illuminati Seal of Approval on each and every aspect of the End Times fantasy.

You may have a good idea about the boat, except when things get real bad, you can plan on pirates springing up like jelly fish in August. Are you prepared for that contingency? Perhaps a houseboat in a Norwegian backwater would be more prudent.

Regards, Ken

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