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NJ-NY PATH Train Station Running AUDIBLE Mind Control Programming?
July 2, 2008

NJ-NY PATH Train Station Running AUDIBLE Mind Control Programming? (July 2, 2008)

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From: Lois Layne
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Subject: Mind Control?

Dear Ken Adachi:

Yesterday--July 1st, 2008--at about11:30 or so, I went to the Jersey City N.J. PATH station to take the train in to Manhattan. When I came thru the door, the first thing I noticed was that the address system was I stopped to listen. Figured that it would be  the usual "train late--something's out of service" type of message. It wasn't. It was incredibly odd.

I stood for a bit and listened and I heard things like (seriously) "Listen for the word 'the'...then there was a pause, and it repeated the message, "listen for the word 'the'" There was an odd pause, and I --not joking here, I'm dead serious--felt this odd little faint vibration in my head. Then the message would repeat, but use different words to "listen to"....such as "wait" and some others. What was odd--well, there were ALOT of odd things about this, not the least of which was that it was actually happening...but, I noticed that the pauses between phrases seemed to be in a specific pattern. They would vary--first it was maybe five seconds between one phrase, then the phrase, then a pause for maybe 15 seconds, then same phrase.. then another "listen for the word 'wait'...then a pause, etc.,,.but there seemed to be a pattern to these pauses as well as the phrases.

In beteen the phrases, I would feel this odd vibration in my head, and after a while, started feeling it in my body a bit as well. I looked around me, and no one seemed to be stopping and listening, but that didn't mean anything. Everyone was in a hurry to get on the train--no one stops to listen, even when they talk about "elevator is out at exchange place" or "train to newark will be late" or whatever. People have things to do, and they just keep going.

There is a police station in the Journal Square PATH, and I thought about asking them what the hell is going on, and then thought--do I really want to be singled out like that? No. Besides, about a week ago, I walked in the station and heard this siren sound, so I went to the cops and asked what was going on and they said that was a fire alarm going off but they didn't know where exactly the fire was, and they were looking into it. Sure enough, by the time I got to the train, there were firemen in full uniform walking back to whereever it is they go there, and then the alarm stopped, so I figured they were telling the truth about the alarm. But the cop I asked really gave me weird looks, like why is this woman bothering me?

So yesterday, when I heard the phrasing and such, I just thought, I'm not going to ask the cops anything,--you know, just keep going and not miss my train. Then I forgot all about it until this morning. Now, I had a busy day yesterday, so it's not odd that I would forget something like that, but still.....When I came back from the city, there were no more of those type of announcements, so I just let it go, until I remembered it this morning. I do not know what the hell was going on, but I thought it sufficiently strange enought that I wanted to mention it to you.

Oh, and another thing--I don't remember all of the phrases, I just remember "wait" and "stop", but I KNOW there were others...I have no idea why I don't remember the others. I just remembered feeling really creepy and I was trying to block out what they were saying so I got on the train as fast as I could, and started reading, to put my mind in another place, so to speak.

If you get any info on this, could you please put it on your website. I can't have been the only one to have reacted like that, I mean, the station was full of people. Very odd.

Anyway, thanks for reading this--I really enjoy your site.

Sincerely yours, Lois


----- Original Message -----
From: Lois Layne
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008
Subject: Re: Mind Control?

Hello Ken,

Sorry for the missed call. We've been having a heatwave and my huband is not reacting well to it.

More news on the PATH train.....

Friday, July 11, I had to go to the city, and again, more evidence of, shall we say, social experimentation.

Down at the bottom of the stairs, where one stands in line to purchase a ticket to get on the trains...were two policemen. They were standing in front of a rolling cart kind of thingy, and on the cart was written something about having to show them your bag before you could board the trains.

I just couldn't let this one go by, so I went up to them, and, very politely, asked when this had been started. The taller one-- who was extremely humorless, grim-faced and had a shaved head---the cops in Jersey City look like skinheads (seriously) said that it had always been in place.

I said, "Well, I went into the city last week, and this--meaning the cart--wasn't there then, so what's this all about?"

"Nine eleven." (Everything, from diaper rash to traffic jams, is now because of 9/11).

I said "Really? What do you really think that's going to do to stop terrorists?"

No reply. Ok, whatever...and I just got in line to buy my ticket.

The ticket machines are programmed to be very very slow, so you can stand there in front of the cameras for a while. I was pulling a big rolling bag, but interestingly enough, they didn't tell me to open it. So I'm standing there in line, and watched the crowd when they saw the sign. Most people ignored it, and just kept going. (New Jersey is not 'Bush County'--it always votes overwhelmingly Democratic).

In addition, there have been tons of cases about racial profiling and police strong-arm tactics. In New Jersey, the police are not your friends). About three people walked up to the guys and opened their bags.

Now, this is what's interesting: the second cop, who looked much friendlier, didn't even look in the bags. He just told them, "That's ok, we don't need to see anything".

They weren't doing a bag check---they were doing a social experiment to see how many people they could intimidate. I mean, they didn't actually stop anybody--they just stood there looking mean.

They didn't ask me to open my bag; they didn't ask anybody that I could see while I was waiting, which was about seven minutes. I told you, these ticket machines are slow. They just stood there, staring at people. Didn't say a word--they were just waiting to see who would voluntarily surrender their freedom.

I'm proud to say, very few people did.



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From: Amanda N
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Subject: Re: NJ-NY PATH Train Station Running AUDIBLE Mind Control Programming?

Dear Ken,

It's no coincidence that on July 1st at 11:30 or so, there was a possbile "audible mind control programming at the NJ-NY Path Train Station."

On the same date and approximately at the same time, while I was in a Lowe's store (Kentucky), a sound came over the PA system that didn't feel right to my ears or the person I was speaking with. At the time, I was speaking with a Lowe's representative regarding a lawn mower.

Then suddenly, over the PA system came, a high pitch sound. It was very similar to the sound we hear when having a hearing test, but louder and more penetrating. However, I paused for a moment, put my finger to my right ear, looked at the representative and was about to comment about the sound. Before I could utter a word out of my mouth, the representative said

"I hear it too. I don't know what that you're not going crazy....I hear the sound we both hear it, so don't think you're going crazy, because I hear it too... so if I hear it, the both of us must be going crazy together."

Though I found humor in his comment, I felt a bit concerned about what was going on in the store for them to release a noticably high pitch, penetrating sound over the store's PA system. (again, the only other sound that I can equate it too is the sound from a hearing test, but much much louder.) Though the sound lasted less than thirty seconds, I immediately felt the effects, but more so after leaving the store.

Upon leaving Lowe's, I immediately was hit with a headache. I returned home and found myself feeling a bit dis-oriented; whereas I felt extremely tired and drained in addition to the headache.

I actually had forgotten about the incident until I read the article on today (7/2/08). As soon as I read the article NJ-NY PATH Train Station Running AUDIBLE Mind Control Programming?, the incident at the Lowe's store immediately popped in my head.

I would also like to mention that where I am situated in Kentucky, for the past few days the sky has been littered with chemical trails. It seems chemtrails were being laid all round me. Considering I was gardening most of the day, I notice the tic-tac-toes, crosses, letter "X", and other odd symbols.

As I gazed around me, I finally decided to speak-up; thereby I summoned Sylphs to appear. I also said "chemtrails it's a blue sky day, so please go away, we don't want you to stay." After I recited those words enough times, I felt my heart open and Love pouring out towards the planes that were laying the chemtrails. I began to laugh and started dancing while reaching for the sky in a gesture to remove the chemtrails. I could see the Sylphs appear. I cheered on the Sylphs as they moved into the chemtrails. Shortly afterwards, I continued about my gardening. A little while later when I looked up to the sky, it was once again a blue sky.

Yes, we are in a silent, and yet not so silent war. What it really comes down to is that each and everyone of us will soon realize that we must take responsibility. That responsibility involves opening to the Divine purpose that all of us came to Earth to fulfilled. Our purpose is to Awaken to who we really are, instead of living an infantile life based on who we've been conditioned to believe we are.

It's that simple!

As long as we hang onto our images of who we "think" we are, then the idea of separation will continue to manifest in the form of war, poverty, race, gender and all the other ism and schisms. When we acknowledge, embrace and accept who we really are, Divine Beings, then the "fabulous arrangement" a.k.a NWO, will eventually lose its power over the collective consciousness and cease to exist in our minds.

Thanks, Ken, for the informative and empowering information that you continue to pour out to the people.

In All Ways...Peace, Light ~n~ Love,



----- Original Message -----
From: Doctor Chuck
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, July 04, 2008
Subject: NY train station article and more!

Hi Ken,

I have wrote you before regarding the chemtrails and related stuff.. when I noticed the article on NJ-NY train station from Lois and comments from Amanda I really wanted to drop you a line. One to say hi and to drop some possible additional information.

First of all, I'm sure the time was important, as you all well know how TPTB like to reference things in plain view that they think no one knows. Kind of gives them an additional sense of power like they are hiding something in front of our noses, but only "they" know the code. The time 11:34 and specifically 11:34:40 means "hell" and "oh hell" if you flip it around and make the numbers letters. Just type those numbers in an old digital calculator and turn it upside down and you will see what I mean.

Second, regarding the "home improvement warehouse" referenced in Amanda's article, I used to work there, and let me tell you it was the most miserable job I have ever had. The "commercials" they play over the intercom system are indeed loaded with subliminal programming. Not just for the customers BUT FOR THE EMPLOYEES MAINLY!

I had a little chat with their head of security one day and he told me all kinds if interesting things about them. If you think that crap is bad while shopping in there, try working in it 8+ hours a day after walking around on concrete without being "allowed" to sit down. Turns you into a mindless drone, for the good of the company.

Notice the long black strip in the center of the roof inside on the main isles also. Its full of high tech cameras, all full color high resolution with zoom lenses and they move!! They know they loose money to theft, and most of it is small items, bolts and whatever.. but those cameras watch the employees MORE than the customer. The guy told me that in person to my face!

Add Nazi-like managers and rules and you have a horrible place to work for low pay. I quit that place terminator style with a bang, and I'll just bet that little piece of action is in a training video somewhere, and if ever shown to the public, who knows I might win an award!! hahaha

Back to the point though.. every major retailer is like that especially that big super center. I'm sure you know the one I speak of. What a piece of work that place is. The subliminal programming is meant to disorient you and make you spend your money. And they spent a lot of money to make sure it works. I still have to shop there at times but I do so in sunglasses and mentally prepare myself before I go in. I haven't seen the goon that I blew out leaving that day since, but let's just say I'll bet he has a different outlook on things now!

Chemtrail report : I haven't been able to get the cloudbuster yet. Yes I know it's been a year. It's still going to happen as soon as I can get to it. But one positive note I wanted to include was that last week here in North Carolina, the sky was clear blue, like I haven't seen it since the 80's. It was so incredible looking. They haven't been spraying as much for some reason. Problems with mechanicals possibly? Hard to say. But it was such a relief to see that. I wanted to take a picture so bad, so I could send to you to post, but didn't have the camera with me. That was noon. When I got home at 5, the sky was getting white again. But it has been less overall. I believe they have changed their chemicals also. If you have additional info on that I would like to hear it. The chemtrails look different here as of lately.

Last couple of weeks I have seen a C5 Galaxy flying around A LOT, along with some helicopters. My feeling on them was practice runs. Just thought I would throw it in for whatever help it may be.

A reminder to all. Focused intent does work. Clean yourself up and believe. We all have the power, let's use it and have these parasites running for cover. It matters not to me how bombs and intricate mechanical and electronic items work. You do not need that knowledge to prevent them from doing their assigned thing or mission. They are just not going to work here in this physical reality.

Love and regards,


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